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Spinning Kapok Fiber

Spinning Kapok Fiber: The kapok fibre has special thermal properties and a silky sheen, which is why it is sometimes referred to as silk cotton or vegetable cashmere. The natural wax coating of the fibre only allows a low level of moisture absorption – an advantage that promises excellent wearing properties for clothing textiles. The […]

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14 Benefits of Kapok Fiber: Disease, Health, Environment, Life

Kapok tree is a tree that lives in the native rain forest in South America to West Africa and then spread through seeds that float between the South American continent and Africa. In the tropics, this tree has been planted as in the 1940s to produce a product supply as the stuffing of car seats and also […]

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Kapok Fibers

Kapok fiber is one of the natural cellulostic fibers which grow on the kapok plant. It has a hollow body and a sealed tail, which are desirable features of candidates for functional textiles of this nature. However, the low volume weight of kapok is (specific density 0.29g/cm3), and the short length and smooth surface of […]

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Every month or so put it outside into the sunlight

CONSIDER KAPOK: Care of your Kapok – Upon receipt of your kapok pillow or product take it out of its cover to breathe. Put pillows into a protector then into your pillow slip. Every month or so put it outside into the will puff up again like new. Help reduce your environmental footprint & […]

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Kapok Fiber

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