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Monthly Archives: November 2020

The Application of Kapok Fiber That Used by Kapok Manufacturers

Kapok is obtained from seed hairs of Kapok Tree or popular with the term of Ceiba pentandra. This material belongs to natural cellulosic fiber. With this unique structure of void content, kapok is used as the stuffing for bedding, pillows, and soft toys. Not only that, there are still many potential application kapok fibers that […]

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The Kapok Seed productions – Indonesian Kapok Distributor

In this part of the article, you will find numerous pieces of information regarding the Seed of Kapok. Ceiba Pentandra or Kapok tree has many uses for people, including the seeds. In many cases, the seed is used as oils, kapok seed meals, or roasted and consumed by local villagers. For further information regarding how […]

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All About Kapok Seed Oil As Kapok Fibre Manufacturers Byproduct

Natural fiber namely kapok is widely known as a pillow, bedding, or toy stuffing. At some point, kapok fibre manufacturers also widen its utilization for furniture, textile, or even clothing buoyancy. But behind its utilization, there is also kapok seed oil that considered as the byproduct. It is quite a unique product, what is it? […]

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Check Out 3 Kapok Fiber Grades Offered by Indonesian Kapok Distributor!

Kapok fiber is one of the natural materials that is used for stuffing, such as pillow, upholstery, and bedding. To make these products, there are several classifications of kapok fiber that are used by Indonesian kapok distributors. In case you want to know more about this information, here is a further explanation about the kapok […]

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Get to Know Processing of Kapok Fiber Suppliers

Kapok is one of the natural materials from the seed hairs or seed pods of the kapok tree. This tree can yield about 330 to 440 fruits per year under the optimal condition, with each fruit containing 200 seeds. These fruits can produce in the certain stuffing. But before this natural material is used as […]

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How Do Kapok Trees Survive In The Wild – Indonesian Kapok Suppliers

In the case of natural fiber, you got those that are made of animal or plant. While most of the animal-based fiber comes from cultivation, but how about the plant based material such as Kapok? The tree is one of the ecosystems in the wild rainforest. Thus, how Indonesian Kapok suppliers make sure that the […]

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