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What are the textile products made from kapok material?

Kapok is a large commodity that people feel the benefits of every day, but many people do not realize it well. Some people think that kapok filling can only be used as a mattress filling. The fact is that kapok can be processed into valuable textile products. To get to know what are kapok products […]

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The Flower Language Of Kapok – A Popular Resource For Kapok Filling In Indonesia

Kapok or Ceiba Pentandra is one of many fiber-producing plants. The humongous tree can provide tons of kapok fiber for local manufacturers. Then, it proceeds and is made into kapok filling. But behind its versatile utilization, the tree has some mesmerizing ways to thrive in the rainforest. From its method, there are meanings behind it. […]

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Lighter Than Spring Bed, Here Are 5 Primacy Of Kapok Filling For Mattress

Previously, the kapok mattress was the number 1 choice for most people because of the comfort it offered. But now this mattress started to get abandoned due to its popularity which has been surpassed by spring bed and latex. Even though there are many advantages to using kapok. To find out the primary of kapok […]

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Reasons Why KSO (Kapok Seed Oil) Is As Valuable As The Kapok Filling

In the view of the growing demand for cheaper and easier to get material, then you got tons of synthetic product, including the fabric and fiber aspect. Kapok filling is still alive despite the reduced popularity and uses. Behind its uses as stuffing, the KSO or kapok seed oil is also as valuable and as […]

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Differencing Kapok filling and Cotton, What Is The Best?

When it comes to the question of what is best, the answer will be very much different for each person. In this case, talking about fibers that are commonly used for pillows, mattresses, dolls, clothes, or furniture, there will be at least two options, Kapok filling, and cotton stuffing fibers. To help you understand, read […]

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Get to Know the Potential Use of Kapok Filling

Kapok or known as Ceiba Pentandra consists of lignified organic fiber that can be used for numerous purposes. The use of kapok not only for stuffing like pillow, mattresses, or upholstery, but there is new potential use. Kapok filling can be used as technical textiles, oil absorbent, and medical fieldwork. If you are curious about […]

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