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Kapok – The Former Natural Fiber Pride Of Many Kapok Manufacturers

When synthetic materials haven’t hit the globe, Kapok Randu is one of the best fillings in the whole world. It even stated that the production in the 1900s was pretty much the biggest commodity in Indonesia and worldwide. However, in the 2000s, many kapok manufacturers production was depleting. Is it gone? Here is what you […]

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The Difference Of Kapok And Polyester Staple Fiber – Kapok Manufacturers

There is always a big difference between the plant-based and factory-made material. In a world where gas emissions become one of the greatest dangers, natural fiber turns into a potential global saving product. However, the popularity of kapok manufacturers is depleting due to the polyester fiber. So, what is it about? What are they? Here […]

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Kapok Tree Growing Condition Or Requirement – Indonesian Kapok Manufacturers

Some people know about Ceiba Pentandra or Kapok tree as a tropical plant that can survive the dry conditions. That is not wrong, but the best definition of this tree is how the natural fiber is used for many kapok manufacturers. It is for stuffing, filling, or even possible fabric. To balance the uses, this […]

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Check Out the Nature of Indonesian Kapok Tree Growth – Kapok Manufacturers

The Kapok plant or known as Ceiba pentandra is one of the plants that thrives in tropical countries, such as Indonesia. This tree grows in several areas such as Java on the slopes of the mountains. This humongous tree is very valuable, especially for the export kapok manufacturers. For further information about the characteristics of […]

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The Application of Kapok Fiber That Used by Kapok Manufacturers

Kapok is obtained from seed hairs of Kapok Tree or popular with the term of Ceiba pentandra. This material belongs to natural cellulosic fiber. With this unique structure of void content, kapok is used as the stuffing for bedding, pillows, and soft toys. Not only that, there are still many potential application kapok fibers that […]

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Find Out the Local Use Kapok Tree for Kapok Manufacturers

Kapok trees grow in rainforest countries like Indonesia. The fruit from kapok trees is harvested during June and the beginning of July. But before this period came, other parts were continually exploited for various purposes including for kapok manufacturers. In case you are interested in this information, here is a further explanation. The Use of […]

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