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Java Kapok, the Long Forgotten Excellence

Java Kapok, the Long Forgotten Excellence: Years ago, once Ceiba pentandra trees (Java Kapok trees) bloomed, people would consider it the beginning of wet season. Likewise, the beginning of dry season was marked by the breaking of Kapok fruit shells, thus the wind would blow the soft and smooth kapok through the air. However, those […]

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KAPOK FIBER FOR TECHNICAL USE The absorbency of the material is based on two factors the surface tension and the surface energy of the materials. The lesser amount of cellulosic content (hydroxyl group) present on the wall of kapok makes it hydrophobic. Water has a high surface tension (72 dynes/cm) and Oil has a surface tension […]

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Spinning Kapok Fiber

Spinning Kapok Fiber: The kapok fibre has special thermal properties and a silky sheen, which is why it is sometimes referred to as silk cotton or vegetable cashmere. The natural wax coating of the fibre only allows a low level of moisture absorption – an advantage that promises excellent wearing properties for clothing textiles. The […]

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Media Mitra indonesia

Media Mitra Indonesia. CV Kapok established in 1983 and the factory in pandaan and lombok Island, Indonesia. Java and Lombok are the largest kapok plantations area in Indonesia. We are well-known for our high quality, competitive price, timely shipment and favorable terms. Honesty and good services are our business philosophies. With our high quality kapok […]

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1. SAMPLES Sample if required will be provided without commercial value. Such requirement of sending samples through courier normally is charged by the receivers except whom having available account (Fedex, DHL, TNT…). However, not all the time the courier fee is borne by the receiver. We are flexible on cases All samples are selected from […]

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