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Dried Sea Crab Shells

dried crab shell 4PRODUCT INFORMATION
Category: Aquamarine product
Indonesian name: Cangkang Rajungan Kering atau Cangkang Kepiting Laut Kering
English name: Dried Sea Crab Shells
Latin name: Portunus Pelagicus or Hanii or any other species caught in Indonesia
HS Code: 0508.00.20.00: Coral and similar materials, unworked or simply prepared but not otherwise worked; shells of molluscs, crustaceans or echinoderms and cuttlebone, unworked or simply prepared but not cut to shape; powder and waste thereof. 0508.00.20.00: Shells of molluscs, crustaceans or echinoderms.
Brand: Non
Color: As it is
Packaging: 20 kilograms in a used/re-cycled PP (polypropylene) bag or as require
Minimum Order: 12 metric tons (MT)
Supply ability/month: 36 MT
Load ability in 40′ HQ FCL (76cbm): +/- 12 MT of as it is
Load ability in 40’HQ FCL (76cbm): +/- 24 MT of powder
Payment: 100% T/T in advance (price may change before sales contract is signed)
Lead time: < 30 days
Delivery: FOB main ports of Indonesia
Description: Dried Crustaceans shells (dried sea crab shells and both sea and fresh water dried shrimp shells) are raw materials to make Chitin. Furthermore Chitin is an ingredient to produce Chitosan. The use of Chitosan including for Agricultural & Horticultural, Water Filtration, Industrial, Biomedical & Health.
Specification: Impurity max 10%, Moisture max 10%, Size doesn’t count (minimum size request is not available due to earlier processes of: meat opening, sorting, cleaning, drying, packing, stuffing, lifting on/off, and transporting that may cause their sizes to change or broken apart along these processes).

Documents might be supplied:
■ Signed & stamped Commercial Invoice
■ Signed & stamped Packing List
■ Ocean Bill(s) of Lading
■ Certificate of Origin issued by Government, Ministry/Department of Industry & Commerce
■ Optional: Original Health Certificate issued by Government, Ministry/Department of Marine Affairs & Fisheries, Centre for fish Quarantine, is available at buyer’s account.
■ Optional: Original Certificate of Fumigation issued by Registered Fumigator Company, is available at buyer’s account.
■ Optional: Original Certificate(s) issued by PT. SGS Indonesia or PT. SUCOFINDO (Superintending Company of Indonesia) for Certificate of Analysis and Final Random Pre-Shipment Inspection (FRI) are available at buyer’s account. For further information or inqury please visit SGS website:
• SGS Indonesia:
• SGS Worldwide:

Name: Dried Sea Crab Shells (as it is)
Unit price/US$: to be advised per metric ton FOB FOB main ports of Indonesia

Name: Dried Sea Crab Shells (powder)
Unit price/US$: to be advised per metric ton FOB main ports of Indonesia

Summary of Chitosan Use

Agricultural & Horticultural:
• boost plant vigor
• defend against fungal infections
• eliciting pine tree resin flow to resist pine beetle infestation
• extends the life of cut flowers and Christmas trees
• fertilizer
• growth enhancer
• immunity response in developing roots which destroy parasitic cyst nematodes
• improve stand quality
• increase yields
• increase blooms
• increase germination and sprouting
• increase photosynthesis
• reduce environmental stress due to drought and soil deficiencies
• reduce fruit decay of vegetables, fruits and citrus crops
• resist against insects, pathogens, and soil borne diseases
• seed treatment
• stimulates nutrient uptake
• strengthen seed vitality

Water Filtration:
• clarify wine, mead, and beer
• fining agent for white wines
• important additive in the filtration process
• improve flocculation
• precipitate caseins from bovine milk and cheese making
• remove phosphorus, heavy minerals, and oils from the water
• remove sediment during sand filtration
• remove suspended particles from a liquid
• remove turbidity
• remove yeast cells, fruit particles, and other detritus that cause hazy wine

• additives
• beverages
• chitosan film
• cosmetics
• dye printing
• food and feed ingredients
• food nutrion
• food preservation
• food thickening agent
• gel product
• natural glue
• paper making

Biomedical & Health:
• for use in bandages and other hemostatic agents to rapidly clot blood
• hypoallergenic, and has natural anti-bacterial properties
• medical dressing, medicine ingredient and intermediate
• reduce blood loss in comparison to gauze dressings and increases patient survival

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