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Every month or so put it outside into the sunlight

CONSIDER KAPOK: Care of your Kapok – Upon receipt of your kapok pillow or product take it out of its cover to breathe. Put pillows into a protector then into your pillow slip. Every month or so put it outside into the will puff up again like new.

Help reduce your environmental footprint & create balanced alignment while you sleep, during pregnancy, in your yoga practice, meditation & support for breast feeding. Kapok has long been used throughout Asia, South America and in Japan as filling for bolsters & cushions, sitting, sleeping & Zen Thai Shiatsu massage mats.

Over the centuries it has also been used, because of its warmth, in padded suits in the artic, as life vests because of its water resistant hollow fibres, as bullet proof vests (in the days of shot guns), in sleeping bags and by jungle tribes on poison tipped arrows and darts for hunting. A wonderful lightweight alternative to chemically treated cotton and synthetics Kapok fibre is finer than cotton, with shorter strands making it ideal for filling yoga bolsters, cushions, doonas & mattresses.

Kapok Pillows, Bolsters, Mats and Mattresses are no longer hard to find thanks to our extensive range and they are well worth the small extra price to practice living gently on the earth. We offer 4 sizes of Bolsters for use in restorative yoga poses, especially back stretching and Body pillows assist sleep and pregnant women really appreciate the support given in latter stages. They also make great ‘yoga lounge’s for reclining meditations, sleeping or just relaxing. Ideally they come stuffed firmly with environmentally-friendly kapok with an inner cover of 100% calico cotton and a removable washable cotton cover. Kapok will ‘fluff up’ when placed in sunlight and is a third of the weight of cotton.

We use only Grade One 1 Javanese Kapok Fiber which is gathered throughout the length and breadth of the islands of Indonesia, it is hand cleaned in the villages awaiting collection for transport to the larger town centers. From there the kapok is shipped to various major cities with Kapok Cleaning machines very similar to our wool carding and brushing machines to fill our great range of products. Calico unbleached cotton is the medium we use as the shell and we make covers here. We have a great relationship with our supplier who provides us with a high quality well made product for you to select from and with whom we have negotiated a minimum wages and work conditions deal for the people working on this project. We also supply tools to make the task easier and are proud with our fairly traded products.

You have the choice of Certified Organic Cotton Shell Heavenly Head Sleeping Pillows that have a zipper down the center of the back to allow for easy removal or topping up of Kapok fiber to suit your individual needs. These Organic cotton pillows are made and filled here in Australia by us. Care instructions are on the labels. We were the first to re-introduce KAPOK products into Australia and have been trading in Kapok products for 10 years with humble beginnings in the highlands of West Timor.

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