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Find Out the Local Use Kapok Tree for Kapok Manufacturers

Kapok trees grow in rainforest countries like Indonesia. The fruit from kapok trees is harvested during June and the beginning of July. But before this period came, other parts were continually exploited for various purposes including for kapok manufacturers. In case you are interested in this information, here is a further explanation.

The Use of Different Parts of Kapok Tree for Various Purposes that You Should Know

Kapok Tree

The Use of Kapok Tree Leaves

The leaves are the most used part of the kapok tree. About 55% of the leaves are cherished vegetables for the majority of people in other countries like Nigeria. The use of the kapok leaves is marked by people in these countries during the dry seasons in which vegetables are limited. This part of the kapok tree is usually consumed mixed with palm oil.

Another important thing is the use of this plant is taken in decoction to resolve some heart problems. Meanwhile, the fresh leaves are used for wound dressing, control skin infections, and bandaging of abscesses or tumors. Then, the use of young flowers of this tree is to treat certain diseases, such as syphilis and gonorrhea.

The Use of Kapok Tree Wood

The second use of the kapok tree part is the wood. Ceiba Pentandra wood is used locally for the manufacture of objects such as mortars, spatulas, furniture, doors, canoes, and musical instruments like drums. Not only that, but the wood also can be used for industrial wood and craftworks for a lot of manufacturers, since this wood has durable characteristics.

The Use of Kapok

Kapok has a texture like cotton that comes from the Kapok tree. For this reason, this natural material can be used by kapok manufacturers to make some stuff. Kapok uses cushions, pillows, upholstery, and mattresses because it’s free from the potentially toxic material. This non-toxic material is safe for both humans and the environment during the process of production of this material.

The Use of Kapok Seeds

Kapok Seeds

The seeds contained in the fruits of Ceiba Pentandra are also useful for manufactures like soap companies. It is because kapok seeds contain about 24 to 40% oil. Percentage of kapok seeds contained in each fruit shoots by 26 percent. Thus, every 100 kilograms of cotton packages will produce at least 26 kilograms of kapok seed waste.

Before the innovation comes, kapok seeds are thrown away without being treated and processed. But, as the technologies and innovation are rapidly grown up, the kapok seed can be used for making solid soap. Some industries used this natural material as the additional ingredients for making solid soap since kapok seed has a high oil content.

All in all, there are numerous uses of the kapok tree. It has multiple uses and all parts of this tree can be exploited. Leaves, wood, seeds, and oil are used for several purposes, including craft, food, manufactures, and medical fieldwork. But the most used of this tree is for manufacture to make kapok fiber filling. If you want to know more about this information, you can check

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