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Kapok Filling 101: All You Need To Know

Even though numerous cushions, pillows, and upholstery decide to use synthetic materials, the natural ones still hold its charms. Instead of choosing nylon, memory foam, or polyester, surprisingly, Kapok Filling is one of the best options you can get. Why? Because this comfy natural fiber is sure loved by many. Before you buy it, check out this information beforehand.

Kapok: A Comfy Natural Fiber

Comfy Natural Fiber

You can call this material as many names, such as Ceiba Pentandra or Ceiba. Kapok is harvested from a tropical tree that was cultivated in most of Asia, including Indonesia. It is known that the natural fiber has a cotton-like Fiber and buoyant that won’t lose with other synthetic materials. It is one of the plant-based alternatives that is as good as feathers.

The high-quality fiber tends to be used as to the pillow filling, mattress, upholstery, or cushion. Since it is very versatile, the use of Kapok is highly demanded furniture. Even though the popularity of Kapok decreased because of synthetic materials, Kapok still leading due to its natural characteristic.

The Characteristic Of Organic Kapok

When it comes to natural or plant-based fiber, you can say that it is relatively safe from any toxic substance. Along with it, the practice of gathering and processing the kapok filling is far from inhumane practice. There is no animal harmed because everything is 100% plant-based material. Aside from being a natural fiber, Kapok also has unique characteristics.

One of the main features is light and airy. Due to its natural buoyancy, Kapok can make a pillow cloud. It is soft, has a high buoyant, and as smooth as cotton. The soft texture also mimics the feel of down pillows and foam. That is why a kapok is a great option for those who have sensitive smelling and for people with allergies.

Don’t Wash Your Kapok

Don't Wash Your Kapok

Since it has a very soft, smooth, and smaller particle, it is not recommended to wash the kapok pillow or any product. There are at least two reasons. The first one is that Kapok can trap dampness because it will take a very long time to dry. And a mildew condition will decrease its buoyancy, while the second reason comes from the mess.

Kapok fill is very tiny. When you wash it using a washer or dryer, it is highly possible that Kapok could escape from the inner case and create such a mess. The worst thing possible is that the kapok lump might damage your washing machine. That is why don’t wash it using a washer or dryer.

Environmentally Friendly Materials

Going organic is one of the ways to keep yourself healthy. In this case, the natural fiber of Kapok is free from pesticides, gassing foam, or any chemical substances. So, you don’t need to be worried about inhaling such chemicals. Along with it, Kapok is biodegradable and compostable that can reduce waste.

All in all, there is nothing wrong with this natural fiber material. Kapok is highly used and sustainable in Asia. Along with it, the natural fiber will guarantee the non-toxic aspect. Regarding the quality, you should always choose the best Kapok Filling Wholesale. Since Indonesia dominates the market, you can check for high-quality kapok.

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