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kapok filling wholesale-kapok fiber wholesale Organic Kapok

Kapok filling wholesale-kapok fiber wholesale Organic Kapok : Our softest pillow simulates sleeping on a cloud – ideal for sleepers looking for the feel of down without the allergens (thus, its hypoallergenic). Kapok is a silky fiber that lines the seed pod of the tree. Its light, very buoyant, and resilient. It is sustainably harvested and is fairly traded. Inside: All Natural Kapok.

kapok filling wholesale

kapok filling wholesale

kapok filling wholesale-kapok fiber wholesale Organic Kapok

Complete your living room or patio decor with our Thai traditional cushion and seat. The triangular cushion stays firmly on the seat to help support your back without slipping. With a 100% of natural kapok filling, it provides the most relaxing and comfortable seat. Application Usage: Seating
Markets: Africa, Asia Pacific, East Asia, Europe, Latin America (South and Central America) , Mideast, North America, Oceania, Southeast Asia

kapok fiber wholesaleNothing compares to kapok. Softer and lighter than down, perfectly compressible for pillows, and naturally harvested from the Ceiba tree, kapok is the ideal filling for a pillow. Kapok is harvested from seed pods that are dropped from trees in tropical rain forest regions, meaning your purchase of kapok is helping to preserve the life of a tree and encourage local economies in Indonesia and other tropical regions. Almost no work is required to turn the raw material into bedding fiber—it’s manually picked clean, spun, and sent to us! If you like clean and sustainable products, you’ll love kapok. And if you love soft pillows, you’ll settle for nothing else.

Kapok is a really great natural alternative to conventional pillow stuffing. Pure Kapok is harvested in the rain forest, kapok is soft to the touch like down, yet provides support in a way not even synthetic materials can match. The harvestinOrganic-Kapokg of the kapok pods provides jobs to indigenous people and helps maintain this vanishing ecosystem. Every Ceiba (Kapok) tree left standing is a step towards the preservation of the rain forest. White Lotus Home kapok pillows sell more than all our other natural and organic pillows combined, it makes a great pillow for most people.

kapok filling wholesale-kapok fiber wholesale Organic Kapokapok, nature’s miracle pillow fibre;

Kapok is resistant to mites, mold and mildew so its hygienic, non toxic, hypo allergenic and environmentally friendly. Miraculous silky kapok fibre is one of the few sustainable rainforest crops, because the tree grows naturally and needs no cultivation or irrigation. Harvesting the kapok fibre also creates sustainable jobs for local communities. In many ancient cultures it was revered as a substance with spiritual, even magical qualities and was thought to enhance dreams.

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    Im from malaysia..
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