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Spinning Kapok Fiber

Spinning Kapok FiberSpinning Kapok Fiber: The kapok fibre has special thermal properties and a silky sheen, which is why it is sometimes referred to as silk cotton or vegetable cashmere. The natural wax coating of the fibre only allows a low level of moisture absorption – an advantage that promises excellent wearing properties for clothing textiles. The spinning of kapok fibre and its blend with cotton fibre has been studied. It is observed that the spinning of 100% kapok fibres beyond lap formation stage is not possible, while the spinning of kapok fibre blended with at least 50% cotton fibre is largely successful. The yarn regularity and tenacity decrease while the yarn extensibility increases with the increase in kapok content in the blend. The total cost of production of the yarns decreases significantly as the kapok content in the blend increases.
Blending Ratios
80:20 cotton/kapok.
70:30 cotton/ kapok.
60:40 cotton/kapok.
50:50 cotton/kapok.
However, successful sustainable spinning in ratio 70:30 cotton/ kapok. Kapok Jersey Fabric- Jersy knit – suitable under layer, thin, breathable and comfortable. Kapok Double Fabric-Double knit – thick, warm mid layer, yet still breathable. Kapok Oxford Fabric Oxford weaves – a paradigm specialty, thin and dense, suitable casual shirting fabric. Spinning Kapok Fiber Pure

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