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What Is Kapok Seed Meal? Uses And Composition – Indonesian Kapok Fibre Manufacturers

In the eye of local Indonesia, Kapok is one of the very versatile rainforest trees you can ever find. The sustainability of the plant is very high, that it can live for years. But another thing that stands out is its application, which is for furniture, filling, to animal feed. Many kapok fIbre manufacturers also create kapok seed meal. But what are they? Here is the explanation.

The Seed Meal Or Kapok Based Animal Feed

The Seed Meal

So, what it is about? Just as the name says, the seed meal is the residue from the seed oil extraction. Kapok seed waste is extracted to gain the oil, which is later made into oil or soap. As the dried substance, the product is later collected get processed once again and transformed into valuable seed cake or powder.

There are two types of seed meals that are commonly produced. It can be the kapok seed cake, which has a denser and solid appearance due to a certain process. On the other hand, there is also kapok seed powder, which is in the raw state or powdery appearance. In many cases, you can order or get the product from an Indonesian kapok manufacturer.

Chemical Composition And Nutritive Value

Talking about the composition and nutrition value, it can be said that the kapok seed animal feed is quite excellent. You can order through kapok fibre manufacturers to get a high-quality product with no chemical substance in it. It is proven since the Extracted kapok or Ceiba Pentandra seed meals contain numerous nutrition.

The KSM has some chemical composition, it consists of 15 g tannins, 11 h phosphorus, and 10.4 g cyclopropenoid fatty acids. On the other hand, it is also quite nutritious. 1 kg of KSM approximately has 324 g crude protein, 289 g fiber, 128 g carbohydrates, 97 g ether extract, 94 g Ash, and 3.8 calcium. If you consider that this is supposed to be a waste, then it is wrong.

KSM Applications or uses


If recalling all the high nutrition value, yes, it is a very excellent animal feed. The press cake is mainly used for feeding pigs, ruminants, cows, and many animals. But another thing that quite shocking is the use of fertilizer. Commonly, a farmer will mix the KSM material with fertilizer for plant cultivation, such as potatoes, mushrooms, and other plants.


For your information, Kapok or Ceiba Pentandra is native to Indonesia, India, and the USA, while most cultivation happens in Southeast Asia. It needs a very high rainfall during its vegetative development and a drier period. That is why it is widely spread across the equator lines. When in a high season and excellent condition, the tree can produce about 340,000 t animal feed.

To conclude, a kapok seed meal is something that is appreciated due to its high nutritional value and protein. It also contains oil, which makes it perfect as animal feed or even fertilizer. The process and its utilization are one of the ways to reduce kapok wastes, especially the dried kapok seed. If you are looking for more information or kapok-related product, check out

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