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Where Do Indonesian Kapok Distributor Export Their Product?

Indonesia is one of the biggest kapok manufacturers and distributors in the whole world. Along with the neighboring country, Indonesia peak the whole rank in the case of kapok export. Most of the time, the Indonesian kapok distributor send their kapok filling and the seed product across many countries. Here are some of the biggest contributors to Indonesian sales.

Export Countries And The Product They Bought



Despite being known as the original location of Kapok, America is importing kapok from Indonesia for its quality. When it comes to uses, most of the time you can expect that kapok will be part of the pillow, bolster, or mattress material. In America itself, the Kapok Tree or Ceiba Pentandra is believed and still cultivated in Central America and South America.

At some point, the Indonesian distributor tends to export the Kapok material as the raw material. Which is in the form of kapok fiber or kapok filling. You can find some of the raw kapok products in the online marketplace which is processed and designed for pillow or upholstery filling. In this case, the prices can range according to their quality.

South Korea

One of the big names in the kapok industry in South Korea. Instead of becoming the produce, this country that very ambitious with their smartphone technology become one of the Indonesian kapok Distributor favorites. Some of the kapok central or manufacturers export some product to this country, including the raw kapok or the seed.

What makes it interesting is the fact that the export commodities IQFAST at Semarang, said the 2018 Kapok seed export reach up to 50 kg. While in 2019, it peaks up to 100kg kapok seeds exports. The estimation forecast is higher in the later future since the Kapok seed is a very versatile product. It can be used as animal feed, oil, or biofuel.


Kapok pillow

In recent years, India becomes one of the export targets for the Indonesian Kapok industry. The Bollywood country import both kapok fiber and the kapok cotton (with no combed or carded). Based on the Indonesian export data, the unit exported to the country reach up to 10,48 TNE kapok fiber in March 2020. While Indonesia also exported 7,655 KGM of kapok cotton.


Maybe not the biggest export contribution to Indonesia, but this country still one of the active importers. The Indonesian kapok product that is exported is raw kapok or the seed product. The amount is considered lower than South Korea, which is around 7,93 TNE of kapok, but still, it opens future collaboration potentials.


From many countries, Singapore may be considered the biggest contributor to the Indonesian kapok manufacturer industry. In 2020, Indonesia’s kapok export recorded three activities with different products. From oil crude, mattress packing material, and hundreds of bales of kapok fiber grade 1.
Most countries use kapok fiber filling for pillows mattresses and cushions.

America that starting to value natural plant-based fabric material. Along with it, there are also products such as Kapok seed meal or kapok oils that get more attention. For more information regarding the price, the products, and the exporting product, you can check

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