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3 Reasons Why Kapok Is Good For Health – Indonesian Kapok Fibre Suppliers

Kapok tree might be one of the biggest trees in the natural rainforest. From the huge tree, the fiber is collected from its pod for many uses, including pillow or mattress filling. Many kapok fibre suppliers try to distribute the plant-based product to introduce how beneficial it is for ones’ health. What is the reason people say this material is good? Here is your answer.

Some Of The Health Benefit From Kapok

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Non-Chemical Substance

There are tons of synthetic materials such as sponges or spring bed, that has to go through many manufacturing processes. It is not that far different with kapok, but one thing for sure, natural plant-based material is safer than that 100% made by the factory. Kapok grows naturally in the rainforest without any human involvement.

Even though there are specific cultivation areas, but this tree doesn’t need any human tending or treatment. As the flowers bloom, people harvest them manually. Process the separation by hand, clean it, filter it, and sterilize it using a milling machine. But there is no chemical used, whether it is bleach, fertilizer, or pesticides for the whole manufacturing process. So, it is safe.

Hypoallergenic, Oil Absorbance, Buoyancy, And Hydrophobic Properties Of Kapok


Hypoallergenic refers to has a lower chance of allergy reaction. Even though some people may have an allergy to kapok, but most of the users doesn’t. It is due to its property, which appears as a waxy surface and a hollow inside. Thus, it creates no best place for mites, dust, or mildew to live inside it. That is one of the reasons that kapok is highly used for a hospital.

Another property that holds dear its role is the oil absorbance ability. This aspect was found due to the waxy surface and the hydrophobic oleophilic property. The hydrophobic property makes kapok resist water and absorb oil. That is why kapok fibre suppliers can also extract a lot of oil from kapok seed.

The oil absorbance and hydrophobic make the composition become the worst place for bacteria to thrive in. It has low possibilities to absorb your sweat when sleeping, which is one of the reasons why kapok can keep it buoyancy for a long time. The buoyancy aspect also helps you get quality sleep since it can form based on your head and body position.

A Plethora Of Medications Possibilities

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This fact is quite interesting. Indonesian locals can maximize kapok utilization even from the tree form. In this case, many people know that kapok is believed to have a drug substance in it. The skin is used to treat fever, diarrhea, healing swollen fingers, ad injuries. The fruit can relieve pain, the root can heal dysentery, and the bark is known as astringent to heal wounds.

To conclude all the points and its information, you can tell that this particular plant-based material harbors numerous beneficial properties. From the no chemical substance, hypoallergenic, oil absorbance, buoyancy, to medication, kapok is a great option for a pillow or any filling. You can check Indonesian kapok filling wholesale through

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