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4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Kapok Natural Fiber – Kapok Manufacturers

In the garment supply, fiber, and upholstery market, the name of natural raw material choice is still highly favored. While there are many modern fiber choices available, somehow the plant-based material is popular. Some of the natural fiber that is as good as Cotton is Kapok. Over the centuries Kapok Manufacturers keep on increasing its value, but why? here is your answer.

Reasons Why Kapok Is One Of The Great Natural Fiber Materials Out There

Kapok Production Employ Millions Of People Worldwide

One particular thing that makes natural fiber worth is the manufacturing process. In this case, Kapok is the plant-based material that is harvested from the Kapok tree. As a natural source, many people will go down to the cultivation area to harvest it using hand. All the processes from the harvesting to separating the fiber and the seed, are all done by local people.

Since many years ago, Indonesia has been known as the country that cultivates Kapok trees for its seed and fibers. With that in mind, you can say that manufacturing holds dear the social cost for local workers. Even though the synthetic product is rising in popularity, somehow Kapok and all of the natural fiber are still considered the best choice.

Manufacturing Cost And Environmentally Friendly

Despite selling for a lower price, Synthetic material has a bigger manufacturing cost. It is a 180-degree difference from the traditional kapok manufacturers. The natural fiber is loved due to its natural renewable and compostable treat. If you consider the microfiber pollution to the land and water, keep buying the synthetic product will result in a worsening pollution problem.

It is proven by China that is considered as the number one gas emission country with its massive pollution. The pollution rates are starting to rise due to the high number of the synthetic product manufacturer. On the other hand, Kapok production is manual. It comes with quality and a lack of dangerous substances produced from coal and petroleum.

Never-Ending Innovation

Kapok is very versatile

Kapok is very versatile. The fruits bore hundreds of fibers that are embedded in the seeds. The manual worker will separate the seeds and its fibers which later transforms into kapok Filling or fiber. The fiber is highly known for mattress, pillow, cushion, or upholstery stuffing. The seed will be processed to provide oil. At some point, the seed is for culinary use and cooking ingredients.

High-Quality Product

Worth noting that Kapok is considered as good as cotton. In this case, there are some good characteristics that Kapok has. This natural fiber is very light way lighter than cotton by volume. It has bouncy, buoyant, hypoallergenic, warm, and also a tad bit slippery. The features of Kapok are famous throughout the world. That is why many soft toys, medication cushions, or life jackets use Kapok.

There is no doubt that the tag of Natural fiber will always be better than synthetic ones. The natural process and manufacturing are all done by humans. It employs thousands or million of people. It is also cost and environment friendly. With all that said, check Kapok Filling Wholesale Indonesia at for the high-quality product that is as good as cotton.

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