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5 Benefits Of Using Organic Kapok Filling For Health And Environment

When it comes to natural fiber or plant-based material, people know that it contains great benefits for health and the environment. It is real when you considering the high emission gas made by producing synthetic fabrics. One of the greatest natural resources is Kapok. Mostly used for kapok filling, here are what it offers for human health and the environment.

The Benefit Of Kapok For Human Health And Environment

Natural Fiber

Hypoallergenic Natural Fiber

One thing for sure, this natural fiber is very safe for humans. The hypoallergenic aspect is one of the most important features needed for a mattress, pillow, fabric, and many more. Rest assured that the kapok fiber and the filling is antimicrobial and resistant to mites. The natural material naturally resists moisture, which is great to prevent bacteria and mushrooms.

Another thing that makes this material worth is the manual process. Synthetic material will use many chemical and toxic substances in its manufacturing process, but Kapok is by hand. The tree itself naturally grows in the rainforest without the need for extra or chemical treatment. Thus, it provides a 100% natural organic material and fiber.

The Kapok Tree For Health Benefit

Surprisingly, there is numerous health benefit offered by Kapok tree. In some regions, people believe that the wood contains a medicinal substance. Which later proceed and turned into a drug to heal wound or fever. But some locals use the tree as the source of medicine for diarrhea and a purgative, to treat injuries, swollen finger, constipation, etc.

The bark is very famous for its antioxidant content. People also use the root extract to cure diabetes. The kapok filling has a very soft and small appearance, which is good for pillow and mattress. Based on the research, natural buoyancy and softness are great to heal neck cramps or backache. The raw fruit can also provide pain relief and soothing bronchitis.

Environmentally Friendly Since It Is Washable And Durable

 natural source

Other than the health and medicinal benefits, natural silk cotton also natural friendly. It is seen from the organic cotton from Indonesian that is made of 100% natural source. The product is easy to degradable, and durable. You can use it for a very long time, as long as you taking care of it. One way to do it is by regular wash and cleaning the cloth.

No Unused Residues

When there are many natural resources left numerous residue, kapok is the opposite. It can be said that each of the parts of the Kapok Randu tree can be utilized for many uses. The wood for furniture, the fruit for biofuel, the seed for oil or seed meal, the root for medication, and so on. All in all, there is nothing left from the Kapok tree.

It can be said that Kapok is very versatile. From the tip of its branch to its seeds, each part of the cottonwood is useable. The fiber is hypoallergenic with no chemical and non-toxic substance, the tree is beneficial for healing some illness, the material is durable, and everything is sustainable. With that being said, you can get kapok fiber filling on

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