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High-Quality Kapok Fiber Properties – Indonesian Kapok Distributor

A natural silk fiber Kapok is one of the best products you can ever found in Indonesia. As one of the countries that cultivate these silky-like materials, Indonesia has numerous kapok distributors that ready to offer Grade A product. But before you buy, there is something you need to know about kapok fiber properties. Here is the explanation.

A Versatile Natural Fiber

Natural Fiber

One thing for sure, this material is very versatile. From the tree’s bark to the seed, there is no endless innovation regarding the application of Kapok. Aside from the other parts, the kapok fiber that came from the kapok pod hair has a very vast utilization. The natural fiber is highly used for spinning or dyeing property. Along with it, it is also known for its absorption property.

The long, thin, and hairy property of kapok fiber is used for spinning with a mixture of cotton. But for the absorption property, Kapok is used for cushion, furniture, and any kind of filling, including a safety jacket. But one thing that quite interesting is the microbiological property, which underlining the aspect of hypoallergenic.

The ability to prevent dampness and great buoyancy, make kapok one of the favorite natural pillow fillings. The microbiological aspect also able to prevent mites and mushroom growth. In many cases, the residue of the fiber (the dried pod) is a great product for biofuel, activated carbon fibers, papermaking, pulping, and many more.

Kapok Have Waxy Surface

Kapok Have Waxy Surface

An Indonesian kapok distributor that can produce a high-grade product will be able to ensure quality. In this case, you can see the quality from its surface. Kapok Fiber will always have a waxy surface. Thanks to the high Lignin content, the surface will make kapok a great type of stuffing material. Along with the waxy surface, kapok also develops many great abilities.

Kapok has three sub-properties due to the waxy surface and the hollow structure. It has a hydrophobic oleophilic property that makes another benefit for the kapok. It makes the natural fiber clad with high buoyancy aspect and oil-absorbing ability. Creating it as one of the best product for safety jacket stuffing and comfortable

Hollow Structure

Another determining property is the hollow structure, which is proven by many researchers under the light of the microscope. The empty looking body doesn’t mean it lack strength. On the other hand, it is a very supporting, template, and acoustical material. That is why you can find kapok as one of the main ingredients for soundproofing tools.

Another thing that great is the apparel textiles possibilities. It is very well known that Kapok is very similar to cotton. The same property makes Kapok great material for textiles. But unfortunately, due to its short fiber length, spinning needs a mixture of cotton. Nevertheless, the fabric is a very soft and silky touch.

From the explanation, it can be concluded that Kapok is a very versatile plant-based material. It is harvested from the kapok tree, then the natural fiber used for many purposes. It also has a waxy surface and a hollow structure. But of course, not all of the kapok filling wholesale can offer you the best. Thus, you can check out for more information and offers.

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