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The Reasons Why Kapok Filling is the Best Natural Material You Should Choose

Kapok is a natural fiber that is harvested from the rainforest. They are soft, lightweight, and similar to the luxuries feel of silk. Thus, making them a perfect fill for a pillow or other upholstery. Fortunately, there are still numerous reasons why kapok filling is an excellent material to choose from. Are you curious about […]

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Four Benefits of Kapok Filling for Environment

The kapok tree is grown in the rainforest of tropical countries. In the forest, kapok trees can easily be identified because the trunk is large up to three meters in diameter. Since kapok trees are grown by themselves without any human involvement or additional chemicals, it is safe for the environment. In case you want […]

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All About Kapok Filling Oil Absorbent Properties That You Should Know

Kapok might be one of the best natural based fiber that has numerous never the same properties. One of them is the oil absorbent, which appears due to the waxy layer and its hydrophobic nature. But what is meant by the kapok filling oil absorbent? Doesn’t it mean the material is bad for your body? […]

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The Reasons Why You Should Choose Natural Kapok Filling for Pillow

When it comes to the quality of your sleep and health, you need to choose an excellent pillow quality. For this reason, one of the best pillows is using kapok filling. It is highly recommended because of multiple benefits that they provide. But still there are many reasons why you should choose this material. Are […]

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Get to Know the Benefits of Using Non-Toxic Kapok Filling

Kapok is a silky fiber that is harvested in the rainforests of tropical countries, like Indonesia. After the ripe pods on the tree are harvested, the seeds are removed and the fluffy fiber is dried. This material is a nontoxic pillow stuffing that offers support and helps ease allergy. So, here are the benefits of […]

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5 Benefits Of Using Organic Kapok Filling For Health And Environment

When it comes to natural fiber or plant-based material, people know that it contains great benefits for health and the environment. It is real when you considering the high emission gas made by producing synthetic fabrics. One of the greatest natural resources is Kapok. Mostly used for kapok filling, here are what it offers for […]

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