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Check Out 3 Kapok Fiber Grades Offered by Indonesian Kapok Distributor!

Kapok fiber is one of the natural materials that is used for stuffing, such as pillow, upholstery, and bedding. To make these products, there are several classifications of kapok fiber that are used by Indonesian kapok distributors. In case you want to know more about this information, here is a further explanation about the kapok grades.

The Classification of Kapok GradesSuper Fine Quality Kapok

Quality Kapok

In case you want to have an excellent quality of kapok, you can choose super fine quality kapok or popular with the term AJK. It is characterized by the white color of the kapok. The fiber length is about 2.5 to 3.0 millimeters that is suitable to use in textiles industries, upholsteries industries, bedding, and many more.

The product of fine quality kapok is also known as clean kapok pure. It is one of the natural cellulosic fibers which can grow on the kapok tree. They also have hollow bodies and sealed tails that are desirable features for functional textiles. In this case, you can find a clean kapok with another name, such as kapok grade A or superior quality.

Fine Quality Kapok

The next product is the fine quality kapok or known as C-Min Grade. This product is a combination of AJK grade or superfine quality with kapok C-Min quality. The characterization of this kapok is yellow-white. Not only that, the free of seeds impurity capacity maximum level of this kapok is about five percent that usually used for kapok distributor.

This quality of kapok fiber is also categorized as lustrous, yellowish-brown, and made of a mix of lignin or cellulose. Each fiber in C-Min grade is about 2.5 cm long, and has a wide lumen or known as the central cavity. Besides that, the thin walls covered in this kapok are equipped with waterproof wax. This unique combination gives kapok some remarkable appearances.

Standard Quality

Quality Kapok

The last grade is known as standard quality or C-Off. It consists of a raw kapok fiber with stems and seeds. Some of the kapok suppliers and distributors provide this quality of kapok in different kinds of raw kapok fiber. Besides that, they also provide the pure kapok seeds that have not been in the process and directly from the tree.

These kapok seeds are offered in the sieve and already clean. Then, there are also kapok seeds that are pressed with seed oil, from the seeds of the kapok (Silk-cotton tree). The characteristics of this natural material it has a yellow color and a pleasure with a mild odor. Also, it has related physical characteristics to cottonseed oil. It is because it has rancid characteristics when exposed to air.

All in all, there are three types of kapok fiber filling grades that are used by Indonesian distributors. The first grade is known as superfine quality or AJK that has characteristic white and contains 100% pure kapok fiber. Then, the second grade is a fine quality that has a yellow-white color. The last is a standard quality that consists of raw kapok fiber with stem and seeds. To get the best product you can check

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