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All About Kapok Seed Oil As Kapok Fibre Manufacturers Byproduct

Natural fiber namely kapok is widely known as a pillow, bedding, or toy stuffing. At some point, kapok fibre manufacturers also widen its utilization for furniture, textile, or even clothing buoyancy. But behind its utilization, there is also kapok seed oil that considered as the byproduct. It is quite a unique product, what is it? Here is your answer.

The Kapok Seed Oil


The origin of the oil comes from The Ceiba Pentandra, which is a majestic kapok tree striving in the heavy rainforest. The tree is a family of Malvaceae, and it is part of Malvales orders. Based on its history, the tree originated from Central America, the Caribbean, northern South America, and also the tropical parts of west Africa.

But for a long time uses and manufacturer, the tree cultivated in most of the Asian countries. It is including Indonesia. After that, the natural fiber is called as Java Cotton, Silk cotton, or Java Kapok. While the main uses of the Kapok are for its fiber, but people find out that the oil extraction is quite useful as well.

The seed is inside the Kapok flower pod along with many fibers. The fiber and the seed are attached but later sorted out to get the pure fiber. In this case, the black capsule-like seed will be collected to extract the oil content. The dried-up seed will be used as a kapok seed meal, which is also part of the kapok fibre manufacturers byproduct.

The Fact

Including Indonesia, natural plant-based oil is produced in most Asian countries. You can get the product from India, Malaysia, even Nepal. What makes the oil valuable is its contents and properties. The pure filtered oil has a yellowish color with no odor and pleasant taste. Another interesting fact is it can become rancid as it is exposed to air.

Many Uses Of Kapok Seed Oil

Kapok Seed

In many cases, locals tend to use oil for medicinal purposes. Particular research found that Kapok oil can have a great value of iodine, which can reach up to 85 – 100. It means that oil is very beneficial for curing thyroid disease, heal wounds, rheumatism, and relieving pain. Another utilization that is very possible is kapok oil soaps with medicinal content in it.

The content of oil in each seed is quite extraordinary as well, which means you can create a whole soap. However, it is better to use it with precaution and in a moderate amount, since it is very new. The seed also holds a big role as the potential renewable energy resources. It can be used as the future biodiesel, which is considered a success from numerous studies.

When you consider how versatile the Kapok is, no wonder that each of its parts is valuable for people. In this case, the seed oil is extracted to be used for medicinal purposes. Along with it, the yellowish kapok oil has a beneficial factor for biofuel which is a great alternative for today’s uses. For more information regarding the kapok seed oil price, check out

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