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Get To Know The Characteristic Of 3 Kapok Qualities – Kapok Fibre Manufacturers

There is no doubt that kapok is one of the best natural fibers in the world. Even though the name is still not known, but there is numerous product produced with such a high-quality technique by Kapok Fibre Manufacturers. In a matter of fact, at least you can find 3 qualities of kapoks. What are the differences? Here is what you should know beforehand.

The High-Quality Kapok

High-Quality Kapok

The first degree or class of kapok is a high-quality one. In many cases, people don’t understand the distinctive quality of the product. Thus, they feel betrayed by the high cost but bad product. In the case of kapok, the highest quality product will have everything it should have been. For example, is the color of the body.

Most of the time, kapok filling or fiber has yellowish-white color. Indeed, a high-quality Kapok has mostly white color than yellow. You should not worry about chemical substances such as coloring products. the color means that the product is clean and washed thoroughly. You can also consider that the kapok is dried for long period and has no dampness in it.

Another aspect that determines the quality is the clean and no seed or debris on the fiber. Worth noting that people separate the fabric and the seed by hand. With that said, if there is no seed or dirt left, then the product is great. After you see it, you can touch it to find the soft and slippery characteristic of high-quality kapok.

Kapok fibre manufacturers who are committed to producing a high-quality product will always ensure Quality Control. Thus, you can rest assured when the product you bought has those particular characteristics. It might be a little bit pricier than any other quality, but it will worth all your penny.

The Medium Or The Middle Quality

Middle Quality

The second place is not too far different from the best quality kapok. In this case, you can notice that the color is more yellowish than the previous one. Along with it, you might find some seed leftover in the fiber. It is not as soft or sleek, but it is not the worst either. Worth noting that most of the time, the medium quality will clump up easily after used a few times.

The Low-Quality Kapok

In Indonesia, the low-quality kapok is also called as Patal. It is a traditional name that refers to the product that very easy to clot together and create a very disturbing texture. In the worst case scenario, this kind of kapok will have a very yellowish-brown color with a lot of seed leftover or dirt. This is why the product is considered raw and very cheap.

It explains that the product will have different qualities based on how it is treated. It is also easy to find out which one is which with higher quality. You can see it from the body and its shine, from the texture, the purity, and the raw state. To get the best product, you should choose the best kapok filling wholesale as well. Check and buy it from

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