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How Do Kapok Trees Survive In The Wild – Indonesian Kapok Suppliers

In the case of natural fiber, you got those that are made of animal or plant. While most of the animal-based fiber comes from cultivation, but how about the plant based material such as Kapok? The tree is one of the ecosystems in the wild rainforest. Thus, how Indonesian Kapok suppliers make sure that the tree survives in those conditions? Here is your answer.

Kapok Tree Is Natural Survivor

Kapok Tree

Kapok, Capok, or Ceiba Pentandra is one of the unique trees with its long history in the human world. The older Mayans, believe this tree is the tree of life since its life span can go beyond humans and how majestic the tree itself. Believe it or not, in the whole rainforest ecosystem, you can distinguish this tree quite easily.

It is because the Kapok tree can grow a towering high to 150 feet. In the optimal condition, it can even reach up to 200 feet. It is around 45 meters tall high. The trunk is very huge with a diameter reaching more than 6 feet. Some of the ceiba trees have a conical thorny surface, but most of them have a straight, smooth, and gray appearance.

The branches spread out over large areas in horizontal reach, which means the three can get more rainwater. It also provides shade for its surrounding. Using its tall stature, the tree will shed its leaves during the dry season and uses wind to blow its seeds. With that in mind, no wonder that the tree won’t need any human interference.

The Majestic Tree Lives For Long Year


Indonesian or any other kapok suppliers are very grateful that the tree can live for such a long period. In most cases, the average of its lifespan can reach up to 60 years old. But based on its environment, many resources tells that the majestic tree can survive up to or more than 300 years. It is very possible if the tree is growing in a completely wild location.

No Human Interferences

For kapok fiber manufacturing, at some point, the tree is cultivated. The fast-growing rate of Kapok is considered as one of the benefits of manufacturing natural fiber. But other than that, this plant doesn’t need any human help to grow to its fullest. It is also one of the ways to provide a completely natural and organic kapok fiber material.

A Tree Which Has Important Role Is Ecosystem

When the Kapok tree lives in the wild, it has significant roles in the surrounding ecosystem. The height of the tree provides an umbrella effect. The big stature provides surfaces for any plants that depend on sunlight. It also gives sanctuary for animals to live and traveling around. Along with it, the flower will attract bats as its way to facilitate the pollen.

As a majestic and natural sources, you can say that Kapok is a natural survivor among the whole rainforest ecosystem. It has a tall body, a big trunk, abilities to provide in the surrounding ecosystem, and produce tons of kapok fibers each year. That is why Indonesian kapok filling wholesale is proud of their product. You can find more information on

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