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How To Take Care Of Kapok Mattress Tips From Kapok Distributor

When you heard about Kapok, then there are two possibilities. It either Kapok as the stuffing for a pillow or a main stuffing material for a mattress. The use of kapok as the pillow and mattress filling is very familiar these days because of how comfortable it is. But based on the kapok distributor, here are some ways to taking care of the Kapok bed you should know.

Taking Care And Cleaning The Kapok Bed

The Kapok Bed

Beat The Bed Using Thresher

One particular thing that is considerably fun and strange is beating the bed. In local Indonesia, this method is used to decrease any dust, dirt, and possible mites. Kapok fiber has a waxy surface, hollow body, oil absorbent properties, and high resistances toward water and humidity, that is why it is relatively safe from mites, mold, or mushroom.

However, it doesn’t mean that kapok will stay clean every time. It is especially true if you use the natural fiber bed for a long time. Most of the time, you can detect the correct time through the buoyancy and its smell. When the mattress start to lose its height, smell like dust, and you found a little part of kapok seeped out, then you should clean it.

You can use thresher, or anything similar. Clean the mattress by beating it a few times for each surface. Worth noting that this method will release a lot of dust and small particles. So, it is recommended to do it outside, otherwise, your room will full of dirt. You can do it several times in months. So, you can always have a soft and clean bed.

Dry It Under The Bright And Hot Sun Shine

Another very normal procedure by locals is drying it under bright and hot sunshine. Highly possible that every kapok distributor will agree with this idea. You don’t need to do much. put it under the sunlight for a few hours so the water content in it will be reduced. It is also possible to beat the bed while you dry it.

Cleaning Solution


In case you found the bed is very dirty, has stains, or possibly bad odor, then you can clean it. But remember that wetting all the Kapok bed will be a pain in the ass, so never try washing your bed or pillow. In the case of a mattress, you can clean the surface using a simple handmade solution. All you need is a spoon of dishwashing liquid.

Mix it with a glass or a bowl of water. Then, use a soft brush to clean the mattress surface along with the quick solution. Do it for the spot where you found dirt or stain. Don’t try to pour the whole soap-based water. Just brush it, and then dry it under the sun until it is dry. While in this process, you can also use a vacuum cleaner for an optimal result.

Kapok has a very high resistance toward water and mold. That is why this particular material can last for long. However, everything will need constant maintenance. And so your kapok bed or pillow. You can dry it or beat it. But you can also clean it carefully. For more information about kapok whole fiber filling, check out

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