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How Long Will Your Kapok Last? Here is the Explanation

Kapok is one of the natural fibers you can find out there. The most popular utilization is a pillow of mattress filling. While the demand for kapok decreasing due to synthetic materials, but kapok fiber suppliers will never stop telling the benefits. One of the advantages is your kapok can last a very long time. But why? how can it be? Here is your answer.

The Concern Of Pillow or Mattress filling

Pillow or Mattress filling

One particular issue about natural filling is the fear of attracting bacteria, bed bugs, mold, and mildew. It is very true since most of the natural-based filling has some potential properties to keep those bad conditions. It will get worse when the filling is for a pillow, mattress, or your children toys stuffing. It can be an irritant for your lung and body.

Another fear is the inability to last long. Many people consider buying a synthetic product because it is cheap and very durable. It is because the basis of the material itself is undegradable. Along with that issue, the natural floss is assumed to absorb water, sweat, bad odor, and won’t look as beautiful as the synthetic material. But is it true?

Kapok Properties

That particular assumption can be right and wrong at the same time. You might find some of the issues on cotton, but not from kapok. Worth noting that kapok fiber suppliers will always highlight the amazing kapok properties. You should know that kapok floss will repel moisture, water, and humid air. That is why it can stay buoyant for a long time.

Another thing that makes kapok interesting is the oil absorbent properties. Because of that trait, the natural material will dust mites, mushrooms, bacteria, and any other nasties away. The fiber is not a perfect place for bacteria to strive in. Thus it can help to reduce the allergy reactions and avoid any potential damage to the material itself.

The Long Term Uses Of Kapok


So, how long can the material stay? There is no exact number, but most of the users say that it can stays for more than six months. The changes will not appear, since the nature of the kapok is malleable. When it slowly turns into a ball, then you will find that the kapok has very much older than yourself (kapok can stay usable for years).

However, to maintain the condition of the kapok is not an easy feat. But at the same time, there is nothing much you should do to care for the material. Most of the local or the older people who use it will mostly say the same thing, which is left in the sun to make it back. Indeed, the simple method can cleanse and turn back its buoyancy.

When you are considering the properties of the Kapok, then it is very possible to make it last very long. The hollow and water-resistant make it won’t clump easily. At the same time, you can adjust the shape based on your preference and condition. With proper care and usage, the material can stay for long. If you are looking for kapok filling wholesale, check out

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