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What are the Profitable Factors for Kapok Fiber Producers?

The characteristic of the kapok tree is large and tall, which beneficial for humans’ needs. One of them is it can be used as a mattress material. Talking about kapok, the business of kapok fibre manufacturers is very profitable. To get to know the taxonomy and morphology of kapok plus how it beneficial for the kapok mattress business, read these explanations.

The Taxonomy Of Kapok

The Taxonomy Of Kapok

One type of kapok that is widely used for the kapok mattresses manufacturers, namely Randu Tree. The Randu Plants grow well in balanced tropical areas, which means that the level of rain and heat is the same. To grow the Randu Tree, the weather must remain stable. This is the reason why this plant is more often grown in Asia.

The Randu Plants grow more often in the highlands than lowlands. There are even species that require land contours up to 3500 masl. For the cultivation of Randu plants, you need to use the seed system. Meanwhile, steak or graft planting is still not popular and many planters not doing it. But you can still cultivate it for the kapok pillow or mattress business.

Scientifically, the kapok plant has a kingdom Plantae with the species Ceiba Pentandra. The division is classified as a plant with the type of tracheophyte for the plant family Malvaceae. This taxonomy makes the kapok plants more unique and can be used as a profitable business. To make business more attractive, you can use the kapok scientific name for the kapok fibre manufacturers trademark.

Morphology Of Kapok

Morphology Of Kapok

The leaves of the Randu tree are singular. The amount of leaves is 14 sheets. At certain times the leaves of the kapok plant will fall by themselves. Uniquely, this will run periodically, which means that the time for leaf fall is always scheduled. For those of you who cultivate Randu plants for the kapok business, you don’t need to bother to clean the fallen leaves.

The fruit of this plant has two colors which indicate its growth. If it’s young, the color of the fruit is green. If the fruit has matured, it will turn brown. So, for those of you who are establishing a cotton mattress manufacturer business, you can easily indicate kapok fruit just by looking at the color of the fruit. Harvesting easily is one of the advantages of doing kapok business manufactures.

Benefits Of Manufacturing Kapok

After knowing the taxonomy and morphology of the kapok plant that can be used to build a business, now you need to know the benefits of doing this business. Kapok is more comfortable when compared to other mattresses. This is the reason why many people looking for the best mattress to rest on. This can be a very profitable business opportunity.

Maybe for some people, doing kapok business is not a profitable thing. in fact, the characteristic of the kapok tree that is easy to cultivate can bring big business opportunities. As you can see, the cool kapok Latin name can be used as inspiration to make your kapok fibre filling trademark. If you are looking for more detailed information about kapok, visit

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