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Lighter Than Spring Bed, Here Are 5 Primacy Of Kapok Filling For Mattress

Previously, the kapok mattress was the number 1 choice for most people because of the comfort it offered. But now this mattress started to get abandoned due to its popularity which has been surpassed by spring bed and latex. Even though there are many advantages to using kapok. To find out the primary of kapok filling, here’s the explanation.

Economical Price


The traditional manufacturing technique and does not use machines to make cotton mattresses, so it has a relatively much cheaper price than spring beds. Purchasing a cotton mattress also has two options, namely a mattress that is ready to use and a custom mattress manufacture according to the desired tenderness and size.

The economical prices are certainly the main reason why people still choose this mattress. When compared to the price of a spring bed of course, the price of this traditional mattress will more striking. You don’t have to worry about the quality of the kapok mattress. Even though it is made traditionally, the kapok mattress has enough comfort for quality sleep.

Airy And Breathable

Several types of mattresses, such as memory foam, provide a hot surface, which can certainly reduce sleep quality. In contrast to these types of mattresses, cotton mattresses are equipped with the ability to absorb heat. So, you can sleep with a more comfortable atmosphere because your body won’t feel hot.

Besides being able to increase comfort while sleeping, there are still many advantages of using a kapok mattress. The characteristics of kapok that can maintain air circulation are also very good for health. Kapok is very airy and breathable, this character makes kapok filling chosen as a therapy for diseases, such as diarrhea, asthma, injuries, and other diseases.

In fact, the roomy nature of kapok has been a part of therapy to reduce snoring during sleep. Kapok can be used as a perfect filling for pillows and mattresses that are suitable for children and adults. Pair your Kapok bed with organic cotton pillows or a mattress cover for better health.

The Level Of Tenderness Can Be Adjusted

kapok filling

Most mattresses do not provide a choice in determining the level of tenderness according to taste. If you use this mattress, you are given the option to adjust how soft the mattress is according to your needs. This can be done by adjusting how much kapok content you put into the mattress.

Kapok Mattress Is Lighter And Easy To Move

When compared to most commercial mattresses, for example, spring beds, one of the advantages offered by this mattress is the lightweight. The filling of the mattress is the reason that can make the mattress less heavy than a spring bed. With the lightweight, a mattress filled with kapok can be moved from one place to another place easily.

Kapok will treat your sleeping habits and even loud snoring. Incorporating a kapok fiber filling into your daily sleep habits through mattresses or pillows can help you to stay healthy in many ways. For those of you who are looking for the best kapok mattress, you can check for many pieces of information.

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