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What are the textile products made from kapok material?

Kapok is a large commodity that people feel the benefits of every day, but many people do not realize it well. Some people think that kapok filling can only be used as a mattress filling. The fact is that kapok can be processed into valuable textile products. To get to know what are kapok products can be produced besides the mattress, here is the explanation.

The Main Ingredient Of Cotton Clothes

Ingredient Of Cotton Clothes

Besides being used as the main material for making mattresses, kapok can also be processed into clothes. One of them is a basic cotton cloth made of pure kapok fiber. Usually, clothing materials made using cotton fabrics are t-shirts, shirts, jeans, shorts, and various other accessories. There are many advantages to clothes made of kapok fiber.

Some of the benefits of kapok fiber for clothing are easy to absorb water, comfortable to use, can be created, and durable. Currently, many kapok companies are starting to blend the kapok fiber and cotton to make even better fabric than the usual textile. It is a proof that kapok industries still have potential and pose a high prospect.

Beauty Cotton

Another benefit of kapok fiber that you must know and often use daily at home is beauty cotton. Most of the time the main ingredient is natural cotton, but now kapok filling is also possible to use. This beauty cotton is usually white and is packaged in plastics. This cotton can be found easily in supermarkets and also the nearest mini-market in your home.

As the name implies, beauty cotton is used to treat beauty. Usually, women will use it to clean their face from make-up. This one product is the most sought after to compliment women’s routine care. No wonder the shape also varies, some is round, square, and even lumpy. Until now, the beauty cotton business still has a big profit opportunity.

Powder Sponge

Powder Sponge

Those of you who often use make-up must be familiar with powder. To put powder on your face, you need a sponge so that the powder can adhere perfectly to your face. The sponge is made of kapok fibers because it is a sponge for the powder that has a very smooth texture and is also soft for your face.


Both cotton and kapok has almost similar utilization. Consider the in par condition, both are the main ingredient for bandages and plaster, or we are often familiar with the term “gauze”. Gauze is very useful, especially for medic and first aid. It can be used for many things, including bandaging wounds, abrasion, and also fractured bones.

Those are some of the important benefits of kapok fiber that you need to know. Basically, in the kapok processing industry, the kapok fiber filling is quite profitable. This is due to the fact that the kapok fiber itself is easy to work with, and also only 10% of the gross weight of the kapok is disposed of as residue. If you want to know more about kapok, check

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