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What are the guidelines for planting kapok trees?

The role of the kapok tree is not only for producing pillow, mattresses, and bolsters, but its use in human life that much more numerous and vast. Besides many benefits for humans, to grow this kapok tree is not difficult and the capital also not too expensive. The following are effective ways to grow kapok tree for beginners kapok manufacturers.

The Nursery Stage

Kapok Tree

The how to plant a kapok tree guide begins with the nursery stage. This stage can directly use cottonwood seeds or use cuttings. If you prefer to use kapok seeds for this nursery stage, then you need a good and ideal kapok seed. To choose the ideal seed of the kapok tree, you need to select an old kapok seedling that has passed the seedling process.

If the seeds have been sown and already to be planted in the planting medium, then it’s time for you to start preparing the planting medium with fertile soil mixed with fertilizer. These fertilizers can be purchased at the store or made at home. To make your own fertilizer at home, you can use stale milk as the main ingredient.

After the fertilizer is ready to use, don’t forget to create a watering system. The irrigation system must be constructed in such a way that water can flow properly and the associated drainage does not become blocked. The blockage will cause the formation of stagnant water or the accumulation of water in one place which can have fatal consequences for the new seedlings.

Planting Stage

Kapok Seed meal

Even the kapok tree is one the of tree that is used by kapok manufacturers, this large tree is still not one of the types of plants suitable for planting in the dry season. The ideal time for planting is at the beginning of the rainy season where the rainfall is sufficient for its needs to survive. Because of their fast and rapid growth, it is not wise to plant several trees within close proximity.

Root branches along with the trunk will collide with each other. The struggle for soil nutrients between kapok trees will not produce good results. The branches that cover each other cause delayed harvests and are not optimal in quality nor quantity, which is often disappointing in cases of planting too close. The planting medium must also be in the form of fertile soil.

Maintenance Stage

To ensure that your planting object is flourishing and ready to harvest, the initial capital of a cultivator is discipline and persistence. For example, to be able to harvest a kapok tree that has produced fruit by hitting the trunk, it is highly recommended for those of you who are in this stage to clear the soil around the plant. Regular application of fertilizers is also an important maintenance step.

As already explained, the kapok tree is very easy to plant and maintain. Don’t forget to always water every day and give fertilizer regularly. Then you can get the yield of what you plant. For more in-depth information regarding the kapok product such as kapok seed oil, filling, or kapok seed meal, you can visit

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