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What are the 4 export commodities for kapok products?

In Indonesia, the name of Kapok Randu is still surfacing quite a lot. It is because Indonesia is one of the biggest kapok cultivators in Asia. As one of the highest kapok exporters, there is no doubt that Indonesian kapok manufacturers keep producing some items. What are they? Despite losing its popularity, here are four products that use Kapok in it.

4 Kapok Products That Being Part Of Local Export Commodities


KSO – Kapok Seed Oil

Kapok Seed Oil or KSO is one of many products that start to gain attention in the whole world. One of the reasons is due to the possibilities and potential it has. The oil contains numerous properties for many usages. Most of them are pretty much beneficial for health and traditional remedies. However, the yellow oil sparks bigger potential as well.

It is mainly because the vegetable oils pose a low risk of allergy reactions, have no harmful chemical, and are edible. In this case, the fatty oil is obtained from the seed of the kapok tree. It has a yellow color, has a mild taste, and odor. In a recent development, it is possible to make Kapok soap and biofuel out of kapok seed oil.

KSM – Kapok Seed Meal

Kapok seed meal or KSM also brings light to the depleting popularity of kapok fiber. Many big and developing countries demand this product as animal feed and fertilizer. It is particularly nutritious and filling as animal feed for pigs, cows, beef, and many more. At the same time, it is also crucial for plant cultivation, such as mushrooms or potatoes.

Kapok manufacturers get these items as the byproduct of the kapok seed. After the kapok seed is dried out and the oil is extracted, the remaining after kapok is called ask KSM. At the later state, the dried material will be crushed and proceed as seed meal cake or powder. One of the biggest importers of KSM is South Korea.

Kapok Filling For Pillow And Mattress

kapok pillow

Kapok filling or fiber is the face of kapok products. While the popularity plummeted, people who love natural fiber are still looking for kapok. In this case, the soft silky fiber is mostly available for pillow and mattress filling. But you can also buy the item as stuffing for furniture, dolls, soundproof material, or any other stuff.

Kapok Fabric

It is very much a big potential of kapok fiber. In the past, kapok fiber was too short and seen as unsuitable for spinning. But the newer study found out that you can spin the kapok fiber as long as using the blended method. By using a mix of kapok and cotton, it is possible to create a soft and strong fabric. At the same time, it is a way to widen the kapok export for the textiles business.

All in all, a high number of products manufactured are expected in Indonesia. It is especially true if you consider that the archipelago state has a high number of kapok cultivation. Wherever you are, you can expect products such as KSO, KSM, kapok fiber, fabric, etc. For information regarding kapok filling wholesale, you can check out

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