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Here are Kapok Tree Water Requirements and Their Use

The Kapok tree or Ceiba pentandra is considered as one of the versatile plants. Its build is very big and strong, making the plant withstand harsh rainforest. At the same time, the towering height allows the tree to gather rainwater better than its surrounding. Due to its natural abilities, the kapok distributor will always consider the tree water requirement during the cultivation.

Water Intake During Dry Season

Kapok Tree

Tropical climate comes with two seasons, dry and rain. In this case, the kapok tree is pretty much a natural survivor who can withstand the harsh hot weather even with a small water quantity. However, there is an exact need for water intake for the kapok tree. It is about more than 150 mm both during the dry and wet seasons.

In the wet or raining season itself, the tree will take and absorb as much water as possible. During that time, you can see that the tree will have lush leaves with moderate evaporation rates. Approximately, Ceiba will evaporate its water consumption around 500-800 liter each day. But it will highly depend on the sunlight percentage.

Based on a study in 2006, it is said that there is an exact amount of water that should be provided. The approximate number is around 4-6 mm each day. Taking the number as a point, it is safe to say that the kapok tree won’t need too much water. That is why local kapok distributors tend to leave the tree as it is, due to the lack of need for human treatment.

Water Intake During Rain Season

At the beginning of the season, the tree still has lush green leaves. Around its yield time, the tree will shed all the leaves, and pollination will begin. During that time, the evaporation rates will deplete tremendously. Thus, it can start the pollination cycle while losing all the leaves on its branches.

What makes the tree fascinating comes from its survival abilities. During the pollination process, the tree will use the wind, bird, and bats to spread its pollen. Along that time, the tree also won’t evaporate using its branches. Thus, making it need around 2400 liter of water required to survive during the season.

Climate Effect And Rainfall

Kapok Material

Taking a look at the low intake of water, it doesn’t mean that kapok will survive without water at all. During a dry season, heavy rainfall tends to happen in a very brief period. On the contrary, light rain might last for a long time. Considering that reason, kapok trees will absorb around 35% of water when cultivated in a dry location.

If you take the number of 150 mm water volumes, then the highest water intake is around 35 mm. It is because the soil will absorb about 50 mm of water. Another discovery found in the study is that water intake will affect the root system. It can reach up to 40 – 80 deep underground to reach the water source.

In many cases, understanding the water requirement for the tree will help in cultivating Ceiba pentandra. Even though the water intake is quite demanding, the tropical environment helps in boosting the cultivation. That is why Indonesian kapok fiber filling is available and easy to find. You can get more information regarding the price and product at

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