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The Importance Of Conserving Kapok Manufacturers And What To Do

Taking a look at the dying industry of natural fiber, it is quite unfortunate to look in the far ahead future. One of the concerns is the Kapok industry. In some countries, Indonesia for example, Kapok still one of the familiar stuffing. But, how about in the international face? There is a need for a reason to make kapok manufacturers steps ahead. And here is the information for you.

The Depleting Interest And The Natural Source

Interest And The Natural Source

It is no wonder that the popularity of kapok plummeting in the modern era. When the use of convenient and easy to make material is rising in the current times, kapok is pretty much unfavorable. Especially if you think about how limited the model and the usage of the kapok fiber itself. Most of the time it comes in the very basic shapes of a pillow or mattress.

Thus, that particularly stupid reason is one of the major factors of the depletion of interest. At the same time, kapok also has an old-looking appearance, which is considered as one of the losing appeals. During the crisis of losing interest, the natural source of the kapok tree is currently depleting. It is due to the lack of proper cultivation.

Kapok tree can live up to 60 years without a need for human care. At the same time, this tree is very huge and gigantic. Reaching up to 70 meters tall, the tree can live and thrive in a heavy rainforest. But as the industries starting to lowering down, people starting to cut them down to use the lumber as the material for furniture or house building.

The Risk Of Global Warming


Kapok manufacturers face a big crisis when synthetic fabric and fiber were introduced in the market. The ability to create another material by using the waste of plastics sold people to buy it. At the same time, the sponge-like material, synthetic floss, or fabric, has a high possibility for custom. You can make it according to your liking and order.

But on the other side, this project poses a grand risk of global warming and human health. The brand new and soft materials are made by the factory, by using chemical reaction with other substance. The process creates a mass gas emission that boosts global warming, while chemical usage can develop cancerous enhancement in the human body.

The Need For Innovation And Potential Usage

One way to counter global warming and the lost interest of Kapok is by increasing innovation. KSM or kapok seed meal, KSO or Kapok seed oil, kapok fabrics are some of the great potentials of this natural plant-based material. But future studies and enhancements are needed to boost other possibilities. Such as the production of Soap, biofuel, to customized pillow or mattress.

It is easy to say that technology has either turn one to be good or bad. In this case, the use of synthetically material poses dangers for global and users. But at the same time, it was the solution to recycling waste. Using Kapok will be one of the greatest solutions as well. You can make your pillow and buy kapok fiber filling through

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