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The Kapok Seed productions – Indonesian Kapok Distributor

In this part of the article, you will find numerous pieces of information regarding the Seed of Kapok. Ceiba Pentandra or Kapok tree has many uses for people, including the seeds. In many cases, the seed is used as oils, kapok seed meals, or roasted and consumed by local villagers. For further information regarding how the kapok distributor process the seed, read along with this information.

The Exploitation Of Kapok Seed

Kapok Seed

For you who don’t know yet, the older generation doesn’t know how to utilize the seed for a long time. They consider that the black little seeds are part of big wastes. But after years, the new technology allows manufacturers to further process the seed into something valuable. Starting from the oil, the dried seed is also used for animal feeding.

The oil is extracted using numerous processes, filtered, and then turned into different products. Such as soaps, medicine oil, and biofuel. The seed meals were also processed and turned into powder and cake. Along with that, some people also consider that the dried seeds are part of beneficial fertilizer for potato and field crops.

But, before specific extraction technology is developed, people know how to utilize the kapok seed. Local Indonesia extracts the oil using laborious techniques to get the medicinal benefit. For some places, locals even grounded the seed, and consider it as groundnuts or appetizers. They roast It with salt and eat the seed.

The Extraction Process Of Seed

When you consider the high number of utilization, you can expect that many kapok distributors come with some different extraction methods. Worth noting that the process is quite laborious. The seed is extracted through six possible steps. It is starting from harvesting or yielding the fruits of kapok.

The harvesting process is quite laborious since the tree is very tall and need certain ways to reach the fruits. People will hit the fruit or gather those who are fallen on the ground. Then, they will sort the kapok fiber and the seeds. It is for kapok filling and stuffing, while the seed will go to the extraction process.

The Oil Extraction Technique

Kapok Seed meal

To extract the oil, there are different ways shown in a different region (north and far north region). Both of the areas try to get the ponded seeds products by roasting the sorted seed and then ponding it. The roasting process will lessen the water content and make the oil-producing cell will be more fragile.

The ponding will crush the seed and turn in into a relatively thin product for further process. In the form of ponded seeds, the North Region will knead the seed using water. Then the uses pressing between the hard surface to extract oil and get oilcake. While in the Far-north region, they will knead the powder using water, then heat the paste and filter the oil content.

Based on the information, you can tell that the production or the utilization of kapok is widening each time. From only kapok fiber utilization, many manufacturers and locals develop ways to uses the seed. It can be used as an oil, kapok seed meals, for culinary, to fertilizer. In case you are looking for more information, you can check the Indonesian distributor at

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