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What Should You Not Do With Kapok Fiber?

Everything has its downside, including the soft and buoyant natural fiber “Kapok“. The plant-based material is very much used for many pillow, mattress, or toys stuffing. It is soft, clean, chemical-free, and light. But many kapok fibre suppliers will agree on some points, which are about what you should avoid. What are they? Check this information.

Don’t Put Your Kapok Close To Fire Source

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Unless you are a fire bender, then you should always put the fiber far away from the heat source. It can be your stove, direct hot cable, or your smoking habit. It is unfortunate, but you should know that kapok is extremely flammable. It is due to the oil absorbent properties and its high oil content itself. If you love burning fire around the bed, then stop it.

A little bit of fire spark can be the main cause of it getting fire. That is why you should consider a lot about buying kapok material. But it doesn’t mean that kapok is entirely bad. If you take the oil absorbent from a different perspective, then it means the material will resist water. Thus, it won’t absorb much water, such as your sweat.

Don’t Wash Your Kapok

Another thing that quite obvious is about washing your kapok pillow. It is a big NO. Whoever does it is either clueless or don’t give any thought. In this case, kapok fibre suppliers will agree that the material is difficult to dry up. It takes hours, even days, under direct sunlight to completely dry a whole pillow. Don’t ever mention the mattress.

While the characteristic of kapok is resisting water, but it can captive water as well. When the floss is wet, it can repent water. However, when the water quantity is a lot, then it will ruin the property and absorb it. Many people mistake this accident and think that kapok is water absorbent when the truth is it was their fault.

Don’t Forget To Clean It Up

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The water-resistance and oil absorbent make the pillow not a great place for bacteria to thrive in. However, you still need to clean the whole product. Once again, You must not wash up. All you need to do is hit it feather duster under the direct sunlight. The duster will help to reduce any small particle, while the heat will puff up the kapok.

Don’t Think That The Hypoallergenic Means No Allergy At All

Kapok fiber is Hypoallergenic. But does it? One of the best properties of kapok is it has a lower chance of triggering any allergic reactions. It said lowering down, not without. So, you can say that most people will not have any allergies, but several people might do. So, Hypoallergenic is not always 100%.

Without any meaning to disgrace the kapok reputation, that don’ts is what every kapok owner should know. Do not think of lit the fiber, since it is easy to catch fire. On the other hand, don’t forget to clean it, but never wash it. Those cautions will help you taking care of the natural kapok filling and make it long last. Looking for a supplier? Check out

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