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How to Differentiate the Best Kapok Fiber?

When you taking a look at the world, there is no doubt that the advancement of technology has affected many aspects. It is including the natural fiber side, where the kapok manufacturers popularity has plummeted in recent years. But still, it doesn’t stop people to fake the natural fiber. To help you avoid it, here are the best kapok characteristics.

The Feature Of Kapok Fiber Or Floss

Kapok Fiber

The Appearance

The first thing you can notice is the appearance. Worth noting that the harvesting of the sorting out process is all done by the traditional method. Workers will separate the seed and its fiber by hand. There is no chemical or even bleach, to make the kapok look clean and soft. So, you can say that the almost white appearance should be doubted.

Thus, what are the correct color? Appearance-wise, the fiber will have a yellowish-brown color. It is not dirty, but that is the natural shade of kapok. Along with it, you can see a slight glistening surface on it. The shining surface is due to its natural properties, which are waxy surface and oil absorbance. That is why it has a thin yet glistening appearance.

The Touch

When you decide to buy the fiber, it is best if you can feel the material. So, in this case, you should make sure that the material is soft in touch. It said that the floss is as soft as cotton. At the same time, it has a slippery surface with slight brittle on it. If you are looking for clean pure cotton, the product should have little seeds left over.

But if it is still full of seeds, then probably the quality of the kapok manufacturers is not the best. In this case, you also need to take a look at the elasticity of kapok. The particular natural plant-based fiber is not elastic at all, and you can snap it easily. Due to this character, you won’t be able to spin it without blending it with other materials.

The Weight

The Feature Of Kapok Fiber

Kapok should have a very lightweight feature. In some information, the very tiny fiber aspect makes it has 0,04 densities. The said number explains that it is very thin and light. At the same time, it also increases the buoyant properties. With that in mind, you can tell that kapok is very easy to poof up with some heat (left it out under bright sunlight).

The Properties

As said in the previous mention, kapok is very bouncy. Making it appear bigger than its actual weight. It also creates a beneficial characteristic for pillow or mattress filling. Another thing to point out is the soundproofing abilities, antiseptic properties, transparent, and water-resistant trait. Thus, it is a perfect filling for pillows and upholstery.

All in all, it is quite a shame that some irresponsible party decides to sell low-quality kapok at a higher price while saying it was the best quality. Somehow it brings significant effect to kapok’s reputation since the bad product has been around. To make sure you got the pure clean, soft, light, and buoyant product, check out official kapok filling wholesale at the

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