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Here Are Tips For Buying Kapok Pillows !!

Pillow is one of many bedroom essentials that will help you sleep at night. Along with the bed, this item will determine your sleep quality. In this case, choosing natural kapok fiber with a thorough specification will be the best solution for you. So, what should you do? According to kapok fibre suppliers, here are the tips on buying the best kapok pillow.

The Pillow Height


The height will be the number one critical issue regarding the pillow. In this case, you should think about your sleeping position and antics. In case you sleep in a flat position, consider but the pillow that will hold your head without making it hurt. It is quite hard to measure, but in this position, your head position might create a 5° angle.

Thus, choose one that will turn your position comfortable. If you got the chance to test the pillow in the store, then you should do it. It is because the ideal height will be different for each person. In some cases, the standard height for a woman is around 1-3 cm. While for man is around 2-5 cm. It will be a different case if you sleep on your side.

The Pillow Width

Along with the height, the width of your pillow will affect your slumber. Think about it when you move around and suddenly miss the pillow. Hitting hard your head to the mattress or, even worse, hitting the headboard. So, what are the correct width? In this case, you can opt for the standard size of 50-60 cm. It won’t be too small for an adult.

At the same time, it is big enough for children who love to stir around during their sleep. The size also helps you to maintain your posture and position. Said to kapok fibre suppliers, as long as you are comfortable, then that is the best option. If you are not sure about the height and width, you can always compare it with your current pillow.

The Shape


If you have a preference for your sleeping position, then you have to consider the shape as well. In this case, at least you got three options, standard shape, the concave, and the wave shape. The concave is very much for you who like to move around during your sleep. While the wavy type is suitable for people who sleep on their side.

The Texture And Its Density

When it comes to kapok pillow, then you got a little choice of density. It is because the material has natural buoyancy, which makes it poof up and moldable. But if you want to get custom density, you should opt for stuffing it yourself. It also the same about the texture. Kapok is very soft, so it won’t make you strain your head after a long slumber.

Those are some considerations in choosing a kapok pillow. While kapok is very much buoyant and lightweight, you still need to consider the sizes and the shape. On the other hand, the density and the texture of kapok is one of the best you can choose. You can shape and choose whatever you like or buy high-quality kapok fiber filling through

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