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What Are The Varieties And Types of Kapok Trees?

Have you ever asked about the origin of a particular tree? Something is interesting regarding the Asian rainforest, which is the origin and its varieties of tree can come from around the world. It includes the gigantic Kapok tree. You can get a high-quality product from Indonesian kapok suppliers. But these facts about how vast the tree varieties and types will blow your mind.

The Varieties Of Ceiba

The Varieties Of Ceiba

Before you go further in the article, you should know that the kapok tree is also called Ceiba pentandra. Which is the Latin name, and its nickname is Ceiba. This gigantic tree was part of Mayan history, which explains how people are quite respecting the tree. It is also one of the proofs that the tree not only originated in Asia but instead from South America.

Back to the varieties information. It is safe to say that Kapok is pretty much cultivated in many areas. Thus, it has several varieties. The most spread out is the Caribaea. Then, you got the var. Pentandra and the var. Gueensis. Most of the varieties will have specific cultivation areas that also affect their adapting abilities.

The Bigger Group Of Kapok Tree

After you learn about the varieties, it is better to understand the two biggest groups of the tree. The first biggest category is the Occidentalis that is the native of Africa and America. The plant is growing in the corresponding location for the same purpose, like the kapok fiber, and also harvested for its seeds or lumber.

Another category that many Indonesian kapok suppliers harvesting its product is the ceiba Orientalis. This particular tree category is pretty much spread across Asia. From Indonesia, Singapore, to India. Another interesting fact about the two categories is the potential of crossbreeding. The result of the crossbreeding is called an Indika type.

The Types Of Great Kapok Tree

Great Kapok Tree

In a matter of fact, there are about 147 types of kapok that grow in many different locations. Some of them event cultivated for specific purposes and manufactured (Indika type). In this case, you will find two of the most exploited kapok trees you will ever find. The first one is the Indica or Indika that is the crossbreed of Orientalis and Occidentalis.

In this case, the Indica type has a distinct characteristic, which has a shorter branch and infrequent leaves but thick. However, the main feature of the tree is the very tall, big, and bushed trunk. The second is the Carribaca type, which is big and tall (up to 50 meters) with its roots reach up to 10-meter underground. It can have strong low or high branches.

You can see from the information that kapok is pretty much a very big part of the ecology. It has some varieties, groups, and types which has distinguishing characteristics. Most of the time, the Indonesian kapok tree is the Indika. Which is bigger and produce more floss. It is because the growing location is suitable for its cultivation needs. You can contact kapok filling wholesale through

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