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The Flower Language Of Kapok – A Popular Resource For Kapok Filling In Indonesia

Kapok or Ceiba Pentandra is one of many fiber-producing plants. The humongous tree can provide tons of kapok fiber for local manufacturers. Then, it proceeds and is made into kapok filling. But behind its versatile utilization, the tree has some mesmerizing ways to thrive in the rainforest. From its method, there are meanings behind it. Here is an explanation for you.

The Depiction Of Cherish

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According to, the flower of kapok portrays the language of cherishing. It refers to how one should cherish and loves people or things around them. It also shows the importance of cherishing the joy bought by others. The language and the meaning pretty much explain how kapok adapts and thrives in a heavy rainforest.

Being one of the tallest trees that can tower the whole forest system, this tree holds important roles for surrounding ecology. The height and big trunk are home to many plants and animals. Plants that dependent on sunlight will grow in Kapok trees to reach the sun. While animals such as monkeys will use the branch and its trunk to rest.

The Present Of Happiness And People Around

Alongside to cherish joy and happiness, the language itself brings out an excellent moral value. It namely about love, that comes from one another. The explanation of its meaning is portrayed by how dependent the kapok tree to other animals and nature’s capabilities to thrive. The simplest example is how the pollinating process happens.

When the flower is blooming, the tall tree will reach the gust of winds. In the night, the pollen will be blown and brought to a different location. This is how the kapok tree cultivates itself. Along with the wind, bees and birds or bat will spread the pollen as well. Thus, the tree can continue to live and produce fruits that are filled with kapok filling source.

The Tall Tree Represent Hero

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The old Mayan see the Kapok tree as the way to communicate from three different realms. The human, heaven, and the underworld. The tall height can also mean that it was a symbol of a hero. It can stand tall and withstand harsh wind. It also strives to live by towering other trees in the rainforest. It is for one reason “surviving”.

The Overall Flower Of Kapok language

The overall meaning explains that the kapok flowers focus on the word of cherishing. Everything around use should be cherished. It can be people, activities, the environment, or anything that happen. During its flowering process, numerous activities happen around the tree. All of it represents helping each other and happiness. When it blooms, the tree sheds its leaves, and only the red flower will stay.

Each of the kapok’s growth and development represents a different meaning. Based on the theplantaide, all of the progress bore social means. In this case, the kapok flower is called the language of cherishing. It explained how the circle of life in this tree relate to surrounding ecology. After learning the story, you can get high-quality kapok fiber filling by contacting the team of

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