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Kapok Pillow Washing Instruction – Indonesian Kapok fiber Suppliers

Kapok filling makes it ideal for use as a cushion, pillow, or even on-board sailboat or yacht. The most famous application is as pillow stuffing. It is because Kapok has some properties that suitable for that. However, kapok fibre suppliers are in one opinion when it comes to laundry. You need some special washing instructions for it, here is the detail.

Washing The Pillow Sheet And Let Out The Filling

Pillow Sheet

The most ideal way to clean up your pillow is by washing the sheet or the pillowcase. Only that, not with the pillow inside. Make sure you don’t wet the stuffing, since it will take a very long time to dry. In this case, the best possible way is by pulling out or taking out all the kapok filling. After that, you can wash the case by hand or using a washing machine.

If you got a pillowcase that has a zipper, then open it and take out all the filling. Take it easy, since kapok fiber is very thin and soft that makes it easy to stick at the cloth. As you pull out everything, place the filling in a dry place. If you think possible, you can dry it up under a direct sun to remove any dirt and dust in it.

While the filling is drying up, you can clean the pillowcase. But before you wash it, put it inside out. Then soak in detergent water for around 15 minutes. After that, continue by washing it by hand or washing machine. Hang it dry under the sun, and then stuff all the filling back inside after the cloth is perfectly dry.

Cleaning The Pillow Without Put Out The Filling

Cleaning The Pillow

For the non-zipper case, kapok fibre suppliers recommend the method of cleaning only the surface. Rather than opening up the whole pillow, this way will help you more than enough. What you need to clean the pillow is a soft sponge, two absorbent cloth, cloth, and lukewarm water mixed with a light detergent mixture. Remember that you don’t need to open up the pillow.

The first step is dipping your sponge in the lukewarm detergent mixture. Then squeeze it until it has a little water content. You don’t need any froths, nor dip and squeeze too much. After that, sweep the sponge on the pillowcase surface as lightly as possible. This movement will help absorbing dust and any dirt on top of the pillow.

After that, you can clean up the residue from the sponge using the absorbent cloth or chamois. Use the wet chamois to absorb the water, and then dry it up using a dry cloth. After that, you should dry the pillow under the direct sun ray to avoid mold. It will take a very long time to make it completely dry inside and outside (around 1 – 2 days).

In many cases, people don’t understand that the property of kapok is very smooth and soft. But when it wasn’t washed correctly, the stuffing will clot and rotten. That is why you should clean it regularly, by only cleaning the pillowcase and dry up the kapok under direct sunray. For a better result, you can buy kapok fiber filling replacement directly from

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