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The Advantages Of Using Kapok Pillow From Indonesian Experienced Kapok Distributor

If you can sleep better and healthier, then why don’t you try using a kapok pillow? The synthetic material of pillow and filling will likely have higher demand in the future. It is due to the cheap price, but the material is not good for your health. Thus change it into natural fiber Kapok. Many kapok distributors provide high-quality kapok with these advantages.

Benefit Of Using Kapok Pillow

Using Kapok Pillow

Promote Healthy Living

When it comes to non-organic materials and especially pillow, then you should consider your health. Your health matters the most. And your pillow will affect it. It is because you will use it every day when sleeping and subconsciously breathe the content of the pillow. The idea of using natural fabric is to avoid any negative chemical substances inside synthetic material.

Based on medical research, the use of the non-organic pillow can cause developmental, reproductive, and neurological problems. So, it is way more serious than you think. But when you choose organic kapok, then the natural properties will help you avoid those problems. The natural buoyancy and its aspect will reduce neck pain, muscle pain, headaches, even stress.

Eco Friendly

Another thing that kapok distributor proud of their product is the eco-friendly aspect. From the very beginning processing step (harvesting), separating the fiber, to cleaning the Kapok. everything is done by hand without any chemical. Kapok is a sustainable rainforest product that made of 100% plant based source. Along with it, kapok is compostable and biodegradable which makes it eco-friendly.

It means that the product will reduce waste and won’t increase the dirt. Another thing that quite interesting is renewable, cruelty-free, durable, and washable treats. That means when the kapok is dirty, you can change and clean it without worrying about destroying the environment. By washing it, you can save money and decrease the unhealthy production of synthetic material.

Aids Better Sleep

Better Sleep

When it comes to sleeping, then one should feel comfortable, unbothered, and enjoy. In this case, the kapok pillow will bring your posture to the finest. Your head, neck, and spine can align in a straight, also healthy position to decrease neck pain or headache. Kapok also has natural buoyancy, has no discernable odor, and moldable that is great for head support.

Non-Toxic And Naturally Hypoallergenic

This is the best thing that you can get from Kapok. The plant-based material is naturally hypoallergenic, which means it prevents dust mite and has high anti-microbial properties. It is also repelling moisture without chemical help. Thus, the pillow will naturally healthy and safe for everyone. No need to worry about mold, bacteria, or mildew, and poisoned due to the toxic substance.

Synthetic material indeed sweeps over the whole world with its convenient and cheap price. But for a long period, the chemical contains in it will decrease your health. That is why you should choose High-quality kapok filling wholesale that ready to sell you the best sleep experience. You can buy kapok from Indonesia through

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