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What key factors boost kapok popularity for manufacturers?

Indonesia used to be the biggest country that produces and export kapok. in the 90s, the production was so big that feel as if kapok has spread around the world. However, it started to lost its popularity and export number when reaching 20s. Many kapok manufacturers try to find solutions. It will take time to gain back its names. Here are some reasons kapok will be popular again.

Kapok Potential For Textile Industries

Kapok Potential For Textile Industries

A long time ago, people consider that kapok is unsuitable for spinning. Thus, the possibility to make the fabric is very low. However, along time technology has proven the assumption as wrong. The light, thin, waxy, and short kapok fiber can be spun using the blending process. It may not a 100% kapok, but still, the utilization will be vast and way more usable.

However, the process needs a delicate touch and skills. At the same time, the manufacturer should combine the fiber and cotton in a particular ratio. It should be either half and half, or kapok being the lower ratio. For example, is kapok 50 and cotton 50, kapok 30 with cotton 70. It is because the nature of kapok fiber is too short, which makes it hard to spin.

As the two materials are mixed and spun, the fabric has almost the same properties as the cotton fabric. However, the surface bore a stronger and organza-like appearance. It is silky, resistant to water, and moisture. Another thing to underline is the fact that the fabric is pretty much lightweight, thus making it a great possibility to gain its popularity back.

Kapok Seed Byproduct

Kapok Seed

In this case, numerous kapok manufacturers have starting to proceed with the byproduct of Kapok fiber. While the fiber is mainly for filling, the unused seed has a generous amount of oil in it. With proper management and process, the manufacturer can extract the oil and create two main products. Namely, the kapok seed oil (KSO) and kapok seed meals (KSM).

The KSO has a lot of healthy properties in it. Many local has processed and used the material as a traditional ointment for wound, or skin problem. It is also beneficial to relieve pain and rheumatic. With better processing, one can make a whole Kapok Oil soap from it. While the dried seed is pretty much available for animal feed or even fertilizer for garden plants.

The Concern Of Global Warming Led To Natural Material Rising

Regarding the two potentials, the global condition is one of the merits that can be considered as a chance. Since synthetic materials production peak up its demand, the global concern about factory gas emission has to start to build up again. That condition sparks the movement of using natural products, including going back on using kapok fiber and other materials.

Just because the number of export and production plummets doesn’t mean there will be no chance at all. In this case, you can tell that kapok needs a certain technology or utilization to once again be delivered to the world. Spinning and creating seed byproducts are examples. If you are looking for a kapok seed meal or other product, you can check out

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