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Ceiba Pentandra and Kapok as Herbal Ointment?

Indonesian kapok distributor – Talking about Kapok or Ceiba pentandra, many people will think about a pillow or mattress stuffing. It is pretty much true, but other than the obvious reason, this natural fiber material also poses numerous health utilization. You can see it by how many types of herbal ointments it can provide for you.

Some Of The Traditional Herbal Ointment Of Kapok Tree


The Kapok Seed Oil

Starting from the most obvious one, the oil of Ceiba pentandra. In many locations, the oil extracted from the seed has a basic herbal ointment which is mostly applied on the skin. It is believed and proven in a study that the oil content consists of properties that can heal fungi, inflammation, and bacterial. Thus, it is very effective to cure some skin problems and wound.

The Versatile Leaf Of Kapok Tree

As useful as the kapok oil, the leaf of the kapok tree is one of the major ingredients for many traditional herbal ointments. The Ayurveda abilities of the leaves come with many properties that can heal diarrhea and cough. By processing the leaves into a paste form, the extract can be the ointment to boost hair growth. People will apply the extract and massage it on their scalp.

The leaf extract brings a big role in cosmetics usage. Not only that, upon many process people can use the natural extract to heal health problems such as asthma, decreasing mucus and rectum inflammation, and dysentery. The maceration of its leaf mostly useful as therapeutic usages to soothe tiredness by drinking or using while washing.

The Flower Of Kapok Tree

Flower Of Kapok Tree

Many kapok distributors don’t take a look at the flowers. But local knows that the flower is pretty much the solution to constipation. At the same time, the fruit of kapok also useful for health. Other than used as a filling, the powder can be used to heal stomachache. At the same time, people also use the fiber to clean up burn marks or any wound.

Root And Its Trunk

The ointment made of root and its trunk extract known as the beneficial cure for a health problem, dysmenorrhea, headache, and diabetes. But the root needs to go on the maceration process, as people will drink the traditional medicine. People also use the herb bark to heal some minor problems such as toothache, smelly breath, and stomach relating problems.

The Sap Of Kapok Tree

The sap and its bark have almost identical usage. Kapok skin sap has an astringent property, which is the main ingredient of diarrhea medicine. In some of the countries or local people will use the sap to heal conjunctivitis and inflammation in the eyes. It is also called conjunctiva or the inflammation of the eye lining.

If you take a look at this information, there is no doubt that kapok is called one of the versatile plant in the wild. Unfortunately, there is not enough research that talks about health benefits other than the Kapok seed oil. Nevertheless, locals believe this tree has tons of usage for herbal ointment. You can check more information on kapok fiber, seed, or kapok seed oil prices at

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