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The Myth Of Ceiba Pentandra Or Kapok Tree – International Kapok Distributor

Indonesian or Asian are fairly familiar with kapok as the pillow or bedding filling. But as the popularity is getting higher and people across the world are interested in this plant-based fiber. Tons of stories about the ancient Maya are revealed. Without disturbing any international kapok distributor duties, here are some interesting stories of Kapok tree that will blow you away.

Ceiba Tree As The Tree Of Life

kapok tree

The humongous body of the kapok tree and its unique. Appearance has made old Mayans believe that it is a sacred tree. It is even stated in Maya mythology as the world tree, which functions as the symbol of the universe. The ceiba tree or kapok tree that can grow up to 70 meters in height. Believed as the route of communication between three levels of earth.

Along with the long branch, the trunk that can be as wide as 4 meters, and the spidery root, there is no wonder that this tree has special meaning for Mayan. When you take a look at the old manuscript of Maya mythology, they describe that each part of the tree represents a different way of communication to the world level.

The canopy of branches that reach up to the high sky symbolized the higher or the upper world. It also embodies the thirteen levels of heavens in the Mayan mythology. The wide trunk also pictures the middle world where human resides, and the deep large roots dig down deeper to reach the underworld.

The Myth Of Kapok Tree

kapok tree

The old kapok tree that is now the main material for Kapok Distributor, has a very deep meaning in the pre-Columbian Mesoamerica eras. Mayans saw the tree as the sacred natural being called Ya’axche that means Green Tree. That also honored as the home of the gods with the name of the first tree.

On the other side of the world, the Trinidad and Tobago folklore tell different stories about the tree. It is said that a carpenter can carve seven-room in the Kapok Tree trunk to trick and hid from the devil. And then, Bazil, the demon of death is trapped and imprisoned in the tree while the other is free to live.

Kapok Tree As The World Tree In Maya Mythology

The ideas of the world tree are very far dated as old as Olmec times. But the Mayan world tree images pictures the Kapok tree as their sacred plant. What makes it interesting is the hieroglyphic captions in its images illustrate two deities underneath the tree. They are Chak Chel and Itzamna, who are later the creator of the Yucatec Maya.

It is very unique when you consider how great the backstories of the kapok itself. It is part of the proof that tells how great kapok is. It has been used as fiber from a long time ago, and the tree itself has a meaningful story for the ancient people. Up till now, this natural resource will always beneficial for humans. So, if you are looking for kapok filling wholesale, check out

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