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Here are Kapok Tree Water Requirements and Their Use

The Kapok tree or Ceiba pentandra is considered as one of the versatile plants. Its build is very big and strong, making the plant withstand harsh rainforest. At the same time, the towering height allows the tree to gather rainwater better than its surrounding. Due to its natural abilities, the kapok distributor will always consider […]

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Ceiba Pentandra and Kapok as Herbal Ointment?

Indonesian kapok distributor – Talking about Kapok or Ceiba pentandra, many people will think about a pillow or mattress stuffing. It is pretty much true, but other than the obvious reason, this natural fiber material also poses numerous health utilization. You can see it by how many types of herbal ointments it can provide for […]

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Using Kapok Seed Oil As Biodiesel, Is It Possible? Indonesian Kapok Distributor

Kapok is a very versatile material. From stuffing to Kapok Seed Oil (KSO), there are tons of potential its hold. Along with the great news of spreading kapok distributors, some Indonesian studies find out that the KSO is potential future biodiesel. But does it? How could the non-edible oil have processed and turned into biodiesel? […]

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Where Do Indonesian Kapok Distributor Export Their Product?

Indonesia is one of the biggest kapok manufacturers and distributors in the whole world. Along with the neighboring country, Indonesia peak the whole rank in the case of kapok export. Most of the time, the Indonesian kapok distributor send their kapok filling and the seed product across many countries. Here are some of the biggest […]

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The Kapok Seed productions – Indonesian Kapok Distributor

In this part of the article, you will find numerous pieces of information regarding the Seed of Kapok. Ceiba Pentandra or Kapok tree has many uses for people, including the seeds. In many cases, the seed is used as oils, kapok seed meals, or roasted and consumed by local villagers. For further information regarding how […]

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Check Out 3 Kapok Fiber Grades Offered by Indonesian Kapok Distributor!

Kapok fiber is one of the natural materials that is used for stuffing, such as pillow, upholstery, and bedding. To make these products, there are several classifications of kapok fiber that are used by Indonesian kapok distributors. In case you want to know more about this information, here is a further explanation about the kapok […]

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