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Top 6 Benefits of Organic Kapok Pillow

Top 6 Benefits of Organic Kapok Pillow:There are many benefits of using all-natural and organic bedding, including organic pillow. In this hub, we shall look at the benefits of organic kapok pillow. Organic kapok pillow is a great plush pillow, an excellent alternative to downs, and is naturally soft, silk and healthy. Before I talk about the benefits of organic kapok pillow, I will talk about the kapok tree itself and the uses of the kapok tree. Source :

Kapok Tree

Kapok pod showing fibers inside

Kapok pod showing fibers inside

Kapok is interchangeably used to refer to the kapok tree itself as well as the soft whitish cotton-like fibre obtained from its seed pods. The kapok tree, ceiba pentandra, is found in the tropical rainforests and stands towering above all other trees at heights of 60 – 70 meters (200 – 230 ft). Kapok is a deciduous tree that sheds its leaves during the dry season (May – October) in the tropics. The sight of the kapok tree itself is beautiful, with and without its flowers. High above the rainforest canopy, the majestic kapok tree stands tall and during its flowering season, its clusters of pink, white or yellow night-blooming flowers are so beautiful above the green forest canopy. In the forest, a kapok tree is easily identified by its big trunk (up to 3 meters in diameter) and the spikes. After the kapok tree sheds its leaves, the flowers often open before the leaves appear. The odour during the kapok flowering is unpleasant. This smell attracts the fruit bats that pollinate them and also spread the seeds. The kapok seeds are brown and round like peas and are found inside the pods. The pods are smooth and light green in colour and they burst open while still on the tree after the leaves have fallen.

My early memories of kapok include the big kapok trees with beautiful flowers that we find in the rainforest and the three that stand tall next to my aunt’s house. My aunt, a village midwife, would send us to collect the kapok when the pods fall to the ground, telling us it is very important for her “work”. She would sew cotton fabric cases and stuff them with the kapok for pillows. For centuries, kapok has been used for its natural healthy properties as in pillow fills, mattresses, for pregnancy, and support for breast feeding. As an alternate medicine, the seeds, leaves, barks and resin have been used to treat dysentery, fever, asthma and kidney diseases. The straight trunk of the kapok tree is favoured for making big dugout canoes and paddles because of its water resistant hollow fibers. The timber is used for building houses, and making carvings. Today, you can easily buy organic kapok pillows, mattresses, bolsters, mats, cushions and doonas.

6 Benefits of Using Organic Kapok Pillow

1. Non-toxic and Chemical-free

Kapok grows naturally in the rainforest and does not require tending and keeping by human beings. It is also wild harvested and prepared for sale to pillow manufacturers without the use of fertilizers, chemicals and pesticides. Kapok does not need to be treated with chemicals to make it safe or healthy for human being use as it is naturally healthy and safe. Thus, kapok is 100% natural and organic fiber.

2. Naturally Hypoallergenic

Kapok fiber is naturally hypoallergenic, anti-microbial and dust mite resistant. The kapok fiber naturally repels moisture, making it unsuitable for mold, mildew and bacteria to thrive in.

3. Aids Better Sleep

Good quality sleep is essential for our general health and well-being. To get better sleep, the head, neck and spine must be aligned as straight as possible on a healthy comfortable pillow. Kapok pillow is soft and easily adjustable to conform to your head, neck and any sleeping position you desire, to give continued support and comfort for good quality sleep. Organic kapok pillow’s ability to repel moisture also aids better sleep, reducing tossing and turning, by keeping you cool in the head.

4. Healthy

Research has shown that toxic substances and chemicals used in non-organic pillows can cause reproductive, developmental and neurological problems. Organic kapok pillow is a naturally healthy pillow that can help you prevent diseases and provide relief from headaches, neck pain, muscle pain and stress.

5. Durable and Washability

Kapok fiber is strong and can last for a long time. All you need is a new covering and you can transfer the kapok to the new one. Every month or so, put the kapok pillow out in the sun. Kapok pillow can also be washed easily.

6. Eco-friendly

The Green Living message is now echoed across the globe. We are becoming increasingly concerned for our health and the environment, with more and more companies producing eco-friendly products. Organic kapok pillow addresses both of these issues. Kapok is one of the few sustainable rainforest products that is 100% organic does not have adverse effect on the environment in its growing, production, and by its product.

To conclude, there are many benefits of organic kapok pillow, and the top benefits being, healthy, eco-friendly, naturally hypoallergenic, durability, chemical-free and non-toxic. You can live a good life without compromising your health, style or nature.Top 6 Benefits of Organic Kapok Pillow

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